bad agent? or bad deal - Posted by mike1

Posted by River City on April 09, 2004 at 06:57:20:

Your real estate contract should indicate the maximum amount that you as the seller are willing to pay towards repairs of the property. Hopefully, yours didn’t leave this part open.

As far as the contingency on selling your current residence with the mortgage company, as long as you can qualify without selling the home, you should be ok. I processed mortgage loans for many years and sometimes the terms of a loan application would change almost on a daily basis.

Also, were you planning on using the funds from the sale of your current residence to close on the new residence? If so, it appears you won’t have any funds to use, therefore, making you not qualify for the loan.

It sounds to me that you have a real estate agent that is not looking out for you. For this reason, I would quit telling the realtor everything. Deal directly with the mortgage company. Tell the realtor that you feel like you are being screwed by him, and until he changes his attitude, you will deal directly with the mortgage company, and that you will call him when you have something for him to do.

bad agent? or bad deal - Posted by mike1

Posted by mike1 on April 08, 2004 at 13:23:32:

I recently bought a new house, and listed my other, after a month decided I wanted to rent it instead, magically, my agent had an offer the next day, keep in mind he advised us to lower the price 5k three days before the offer. Now, with a contract the home inspectors pick the place apart,find mold on the bottom side of the roof and a broken rafter due to insufficient ventilation, I can reroof the house myself, but my agent now says have the mold removed and have the roof fixed and fix myself the numerous little things{outlet cover,windows painted shut, etc.} . After dropping 4500+ and dropping the price 5k I will only have around $200 left on the deal. Do I HAVE to fix this or tell them as is and let them back out? My agent also states the new house mortgage was under contigency that I sell my other and after going through the contract, I dont think so, Ive called the mortgage co. and they will get back tommorrow. WHAT TO DO? Thanx. mike