AWASH in mobile home notes - Posted by Steve

Posted by Tony-VA on June 24, 2001 at 15:53:22:

Many of us work in markets with lot rents that high. You simply need to build in a bit more safety fund money if your nerves are high. Negotiate to buy lower because of these holding costs.

Analyze the market for you buyers. Can the market accept paying say $250-$300 over the lot rent in that area. Is that price still at or below what a comperable apartment would rent? If so, you have a market. It will be up to you to buy right and sell to this market. Again, just build in some extra funds to help you sleep at night. This will take away some stress and more importantly will not make you the Motivated Seller. You want to negotiate from a position of strength.

Tony Colella

AWASH in mobile home notes - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on June 24, 2001 at 11:12:41:

I live in Portland, Oregon.

Space rents here are unreasonable($500-$600 in nice west side parks…$300-$500 in outlying junky parks).

I am contemplating jumping in the game to try and help some of the owners who are being held hostage, but the high space rents are scaring me.

I would like to hear your views. Thanks.