Are virtual Tours Helpful in Real Estate

Hi, I am a real estate agent and owns a small business. I want to increase engagement with my audience. I have read about virtual tours. Are they really helpful to increase engagement with audience?

Hi, @Emily. From past few years virtual tours use has been increased and in pandemic covid situation its use even increased more. Most of the businesses are attracted toward virtual tours like photographers, tour and travel business. Virtual tour also very helpful in real estate as by creating a virtual tour you can share a 3D view of your property and any client can visit it without visiting the real place. They are also helpful to increase the engagement with your audience as by creating virtual tours your client does not need to go the real place which saves the time and by 3D view client can get all the information about property like roads, environment etc. just from their home. If you still have queries you can read this blog for more information on 360 Virtual Tours for Tourism and Real Estate Industries:-

I agree with Maya. Virtual Tour can help you to increase your business conversion rate. It is the most effective way to display any property which attract customers to visit your website.

Create an Instant Sense of Control
Virtual Tour can push you to create a sense of ownership is central to nudging clients towards settling the real stuff. Virtual tours give clients to tour the property freely, on their own time, and at their own pace, offering them a grasp of freedom and personal connection. Assisting your clients to visualize each property also builds emotional links and joins them more carefully than 2D photos. The more time and energy they spend, the better likely they’ll feel engaged to achieve out to you with a survey.

Hi There, I actually own a virtual staging company and we do high quality virtual staging services. Tours are great. I focus on still photos but we do virtual tours from time to time and I’m happy to give you and advise or tips if you are seeking information. Here’s a link feel free to reach out anytime. Lotus 3D Staging - Leyla owner (203) 293-8765 :slight_smile:

Whether we like it or not, we’re living in modern times, and real estate agents must adapt to them. Otherwise, they risk missing out on a significant portion of potential buyers. If you think about it, virtual tech for closing real estate deals is a blast. It can have considerable advantages, especially under certain circumstances. Most of all, we think about the COVID restrictions and lockdown. Virtual tours primarily replace open houses. In addition, being physically present at closings can pose an issue to particular clients (they either require special treatment or are introverted.)

Virtual tours require special equipment, a hi-def camera, and a fast internet connection. Moreover, online tours enable the agent to address more potential buyers simultaneously. Nevertheless, they must be at the top of their game regarding every little detail of the property presented and be able to answer every inquiry.