Anyone know a creative attorney in Balto area?? - Posted by Jason

Posted by Nate(DC) on June 07, 2002 at 22:26:21:

Thanks Ted, you’re too kind.

Incidentally, you can use this same attorney to do deals in Montgomery County. You would not need to find someone physically located in Montgomery County. All your work would be done by phone and fax so the guy could be in Timbuktu for all you care as long as he knew the relevant local laws.


Anyone know a creative attorney in Balto area?? - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on June 07, 2002 at 12:56:24:

I have screened a few in my area (Howard County), but haven’t met any that I am comfortable with. Is it even possible to be totally comfortable with an attorney after one meeting??? Any help from from you veterans would be much appreciated!

Re: A creative attorney in Balto area?? - Posted by Peter_MD

Posted by Peter_MD on June 11, 2002 at 09:30:53:


Highly recommend you attend the next REI meeting (whichever group) in Baltimore in the next week or so. When there, just ask around and get referral names so you can call Joe Blow, Esq. and tell them Johnny investor referred you. Hey, Johnny has already tweaked Jose Blow so he knows you will do things somewhat similar to Johnny. Always ask up front in the first free consultation, if they can refer other associates, or colleagues they know that does business in CRE (and jot down the names and locations)…even if just for future use.

My recommendation is to get an attorney right next to your business location. The reason is that you will be spending a lot of time there working on the deals. The closer the better. My attorney is about three minutes away, I have a direct line (no gatekeepers to mess with me), and we have a mutual respect for each other (time & knowledge). He makes a lot of suggestions and recommendations (with the good news and bad news) and I really like and appreciate this dialogue.

Believe me when I say that I have been in the business for seven years but the first 3 to 4 years I jumped around different attorneys until I found what I consider the “best” for me. He’s not the cheapest, however, he doesn’t pull out the pocket watch each time I call or visit and nickel and dime me. I pay him what he bills me and I know he’s worth every penney–and then some.

So, (1) get a referral from other investors, (2) get one close to where you live or have your office, and (3) keep him busy with the good deals you bring him.

Just the way I see things…for what it’s worth…

Re: Anyone know a creative … - Posted by Todd

Posted by Todd on June 07, 2002 at 13:28:50:


I don’t have a good recommendation for you, but I also am in Howard County. Would be interested in exchanging lessons learned moving forward. To give you an idea where I am at, I just purchased my second investment property.


Re: Anyone know a creative … - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on June 07, 2002 at 14:29:22:

Truth is Todd, I haven’t done much “moving forward” just yet. I have read about every book available but am having a hard time finding a niche in my immediate area. I live in Ellicott City. I’d love to exchange info and what little experience I have with you. Drop me an email if you would like to meet sometime.

Re: Anyone know a creative … - Posted by Nate(DC)

Posted by Nate(DC) on June 07, 2002 at 15:35:02:

If you will both email me off the board I have the name of someone in Beltsville who I can recommend. If you’re in Howard County that should be close enough, no?


Re: Anyone know a creative … - Posted by Mark W-MD

Posted by Mark W-MD on June 09, 2002 at 11:11:29:

Nate: I tried emailing you but it bounced back “undeliverable”. Could you email me the name and number of this RE Atty you referenced above? I live in Anne Arundel and have been looking for a legal person.

Thanks, Mark Williams

Re: Anyone know a creative … - Posted by Ted Maryland

Posted by Ted Maryland on June 07, 2002 at 15:47:30:

Hey Nate(DC),

You are a great contributer to this site. All newbies including myself appreciate guys like you for your time and expertise.

BTW, I also need an attorney in Montgomery County.

Thanks for your help