Anyone from GA? - Posted by Yianni

Posted by Rich[GA/FL] on November 16, 1998 at 20:14:46:

Hi Yianni! I too am from Georgia, the Warner Robins area. I attended a GaRIEA meeting a month or so ago and found a company selling information they put together. It’s similar to the MLS, but has much more information. I believe it is based on the property assessor’s information. Because of this, it even records information about FSBO transfers, which the MLS doesn’t capture. The service is offered on a county-by-county basis and I remember being disappointed because neither Houston (Warner-Robins) nor Bibb (Macon) counties were available yet. The Atlanta area is. I believe the company is Transamerica Intellitech. That’s about all the info I have right now from memory. Gotta go dig through the saved for future information pile to get more…

– Rich –

Anyone from GA? - Posted by Yianni

Posted by Yianni on November 16, 1998 at 15:44:31:

I wonder if there is anyone else (besides Tom and Jeff) here from GA, that knows anything about property survey data companies.
Your post would be appreciated, or you could e-mail me.