Another Great Resource I Believe... - Posted by AL (Ohio)

Posted by AL (Ohio) on July 24, 2000 at 22:29:59:

I bought a book of this title, and it has a couple sections in it on real estate. The above mentioned website has quite a few reports on it that are free. This was listed in the book.

Information on the book is:
Multiple Streams of Income
Robert G. Allen
Copyright 2000
Published simultaneously in Canada

It was cheap…I found it in Staples on a book rack.

I have not looked in detail at the site…but, it appears to possibly be a good resource. Take a look if you are interested, if not, post some of your other resources you have.

Another one listed in the book is:

This one is an apartment association. It appears to be Nationally recognized.

A resource for checking people, i.e. criminal checks, credit report checks, eviction history, lease violations, fair credit and housing reporting assistance (i.e. lawsuit avoidance), etc.

Appears to be a $35 one time fee for a lifetime membership.

Fair Housing Site, click on the reading room, and look at some of the summary of cases…kind of interesting.

These are just some of the others I happened upon in the last day or two.

Hope they are of use.