Am I to Young to try REI with CS Deals - Posted by Al

Posted by Zack W on March 15, 2005 at 22:00:17:


I got started when I was 22. I am now 28 and live a very nice life because of real estate investing. In fact, I got started with Carlton Sheets and this exact website. Here is my advice.

Pick a strategy and learn everything you can about it. If I were you I would learn how to “wholesale” or “flip” houses. This strategy does not require credit or money. Here is what you should do:

1] Type in flipping and wholesaling in the search archives field and read as many posts as you can.

2] Research the articles on this website and read as many pertaining to flipping as you can.

3] Buy a course on the subject ONCE you know the basics and are familiar with which authors are good and which are not.

4] Begin to research your market inside and out. I mean really get to know your market, what houses are worth, how long it takes to sell them, what amenities are standard for your area, what areas are tenats occupied and what areas are owner occupied. This can be done with the use of real estate agents, driving neighborhoods, calling fsbo’s and attending investment club meetings.

5] Compile the proper paperwork for when you locate a deal.

6] Run a ghost ad advertisning a GREAT deal you dont have just to get the phone to ring. When people call you let them know that the house was sold but you have these type of deals all the time and if they want you can take their name and number and call them FIRST next time.

7] Now go out and find deals that you can flip to these same buyers.

8] Make an offer, get an acceptance, call your buyer, show them the house, collect a deposit from them, sign a contract with them, fax both contracts to your title company, close with your buyer, then close with your seller and take the balance as your profit.

It’s that easy. I know that probably confused you more than it helped, but do your research then review my e-mail again. It will start to make sense.

Zack W

P.S. Since age 22 I have done over 200 deals, dont let another minute pass you by.

Am I to Young to try REI with CS Deals - Posted by Al

Posted by Al on March 15, 2005 at 17:15:47:

Hello everyone I have recently graduated From college and I am currently a Teacher. I am starting to pay back my student loans a lil at a time, and I was wondering, "with my credit that I have currently (poor I don’t have any credit cards, and I owe Ms. sallie Mae) could I possibly began a CS deal or should I wait to get more on my feet?

I am also living with my mother, what would a good strategy be for me to get started and I could get my self moving?

Please Help me with any information that you have availible

Thank you very much


Re: Am I to Young to try REI with CS Deals - Posted by E

Posted by E on May 12, 2005 at 07:23:35:

Hey Al, I’m in your boat as well and I’d say the CS course has helped me turn things around.
I was unemployed, and BROKE! Credit at the 550 + range… Then what I did was buy the CS DVDs and got to work. I found a house for my self in April, got it for no money down, and I stand to make 10,000 on my first buy. So all I can say is so far so good. I’ll be 25 this year and I wish I’d have started at 18, oh well youth is wasted on the young.