ALL NEWCOMERS....READ THIS.... - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by Rose on March 23, 2001 at 22:23:56:

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain about all those different areas (groups) on this site. I have been coming here for about three weeks or so and haven’t really taken the time to browse on all of the above yet. For some reason I thought I had to pay in order to be a member to get into investors chat room.



Posted by JohnBoy on March 23, 2001 at 12:59:43:

New visitors,

I would just like to inform you that there are SIX different newsgroups on this site. If you scroll to the top of the main page on this newsgroup you will notice a list of links at the top on the left hand side. The section that says INTERACTION has the links that will take you directly to each of these newsgroups. You are on NEWSGROUP II, which is titled “Carleton Sheets Group” under INTERACTION. The section of these links look like this:


Main News Group
Carleton Sheets Group
Financing Forum
Discuss Mobile Homes
Commercial REI Group
Paper & Notes Forum
Chat Room



Main News Group…This is the MAIN NEWSGROUP link where you will find the MOST information being posted by experienced investors giving TONS of real world information!

Carleton Sheets Group…This is NEWSGROUP II…where YOU are at right now. This newsgroup pertains to a lot of questions asking things like, “Does Carleton Sheets really work?”. Here you will find the LEAST information pertaining to doing actual deals! Go to the MAIN NEWSGROUP for much more involved information on making deals!

Financing Forum…This is the FINANCING NEWSGROUP link that pertains to information about getting financed and using lenders.

Discuss Mobile Homes…This is the MOBILE HOME NEWSGROUP link that people post about all kinds of information pertaining to mobile home investing. Go there for LOTS of information about investing in mobile homes.

Commercial REI Group…This is the COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE NEWSGROUP link that discusses making money investing in commercial real estate, such as, apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, mobile home parks, businesses, etc.

Paper & Notes Forum…This is the PAPER AND NOTES NEWSGROUP link that discusses making money with mortgages and notes. Go there to learn about investing in paper!

Chat Room…This is the CHAT ROOM link where you can go and chat with other investors and ask questions from other investors that are out their doing deals everyday! I think you need to join the insiders club which is FREE in order to get your password that will allow you to get into the chat room. You can find information on signing up by clicking on the chat room link! You will find most people are usually in the chat room around 9 pm central time.

There is also a bunch of other links such as “Success Stories” and “How to Articles” and MUCH MORE that if you were to take the time to READ EVERYTHING available to you on this site, it would probably take you at least a week to get through it all. Once you’ve done this you will have a much better understanding about investing in real estate!

So don’t CHEAT yourself out of all this valuable information available to you here that is FREE for anyone to read and learn about this business!