Advise - Posted by Greg

Posted by Greg on December 05, 2000 at 21:48:20:

Found a seller that has had enough of Michigan weather.
House appraised @ 95,000 access to lakes & 2 golf courses.
Will take 79,900 land contract or conventional.

Don’t know if there is a deal here cause i’m too stupid to know what to say to him.

Any suggestions or offers I could at least start with when I call him back tomorrow evening?

Sellers are leaving for Florida as soon as they can sell this place. I smell a little deal here but I really don’t yet have the expertise to write up an offer off the top of my head.

All he would tell me is that there is existing financing but he would not elaborate passed saying “I am selling for 15K less that appraised value, what are you offering”?

Help! :smiley: