Advice for starting up a REIA - Posted by Tim

Posted by Jason on December 13, 2002 at 09:28:08:

I’m not sure which part of Iowa you’re in but I do know that there is a REIA group in the Davenport area. It’s called Quad Cities REIA and you can probably find them on the net or through National REIA’s website at . By the way, National REIA is an excellent resource if you do need to start up your own group.

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Advice for starting up a REIA - Posted by Tim

Posted by Tim on December 12, 2002 at 21:12:31:

I live in Iowa since our area is mainly ran by a company that recently (few years ago) merged with a huge bank my best guess it that?s is why we have no real estate investment groups in my state. I am new to real estate and have looking for some one to help me through my first few deals. But that ain?t going to happen so I was thinking perhaps I could setup a REIA can then maybe I could recruit some help that way. Not really looking for a hand out. I am so uncomfortable with using contracts and basically scare after reading about all of the law suites on this website. Do not want to be caught up in the middle of bunch suites against me. That?s why I was thing of starting up a REIA group in my area I am so determined to make this happen but don?t have a lot money to get started. Have been reading every thing I can get my hands on but with out the course and some coaching I keep putting off what I know needs to be done. Does any one have some old course they would like to sell. My wife and I have nine kids not all ours but none the less we are tired of working day and night and never being able to take time off for our self?s. See the McMcoy?s seven who live in Iowa they have had every thing just handed to them since they have seven kids. Well we support nine count them folks that?s two more that the McMcoy?s and no one gave me a new home car, or even a day?s worth of free diapers. Sorry just venting a bit!!

Here are my questions feel free to off any help you can an perhaps some day when I am rich and famous I will reward you with a big fat check or cash.

How would I go about setting up a Real Estate Investment Association?
What are the rules?
How much would it cost me.
Is there anyone from Iowa that would be willing to sign up if we started up a group here?
Can some one reefer a good attorney in Iowa that would be willing to help me set this up? Would be willing to send referrals to them afterwards as a way of saying thanks.

I WANT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! Sorry for shouting but I need help wana do it all what ever it takes to get this off the ground. Any of your rich real estate buy my program people want to help out or get involved here is my email address.