advertising for out of state owners - Posted by len

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on April 11, 2002 at 14:21:07:


Good for you getting your list. You can mail repeatedly to the same list, maybe hitting somebody just when s/he needs to sell or is thinking of selling.

Yes, I hate the InfoUSA company. They bought out the phone disc company and then proceeded to make the product worse and worse. Every new edition we had was worse than the preceeding for about two years. They finally started making some improvements a half year ago or so, but there still are some very irritating problems with the product.

Hate that Company! Hate that Company!

Well, I may have gotten a little bit of that out of my system, although when I use the product again, I will be reminder why I hate them. And I use it numerous times in a day.

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advertising for out of state owners - Posted by len

Posted by len on April 10, 2002 at 12:50:53:

I would like to place an ad in another state hoping to attract out of state owners that have properties in my area, has anyone ever done this and what should my ad look like.
I was thinking something along the lines of…

Are you an out of state owner, long distance lanlord
Im willing to work with you to buy your property off of you, call me at 222-222-2222

Should I include problems, and issues facing landlords?

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Posted by Ronald * Starr(in no CA) on April 10, 2002 at 16:21:35:


I’m with Mike Daly (Ga) on this one. Unless you want people who own property all over the country to call you. Do you really want people who have property in North Dakota to call you up?

You should be able to get a list of people who own the type of property you want, in the area you want, whose tax-sale mailing address will be out of the local area.

You may be able to get it from a title company, depending upon where you live. Since you don’t tell where you live, it is hard to advise you on other places to get this list. Often, it is possible to get it from the county assessor’s or tax collector’s office, although you may have to pay for that. For some areas there are commercial firms which have the assessment roll avaiable for your use, again, for a fee.

It may be possible to get it by going through the county records of property ownership yourself, if you don’t want to get too many.

Then you can mail letters or post cards to them. If you have the information in a computer form, you can seen repeated mailings, hoping to catch people when they are ready to sell.

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Posted by Mike Daly (GA) on April 10, 2002 at 14:00:55:

I have never done this, but I can see a big problem with advertising this for way for out of state owners. Your ad is going to have a much smaller audience than if you just advertised in your local paper, but it’s going to cost the same. Actually, it’s probably going to cost significantly more if you put an out of state phone number in the ad. Using direct mail is a better way to go.

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Posted by Lazaro on April 11, 2002 at 12:45:56:

I am having the county prepare one of these lists for me. It should be ready by next week. It is soooo cheap. If you compare it to the mailing list companies the price is really good. This is what they are charging me:
$15 report fee
$0.02 per parcel
Now that is a bargain.
Mailing list companies charge $0.10 PER Lead.
Well I will admit I am also getting another type of list which is costing me $0.10. But it ain’t so bad since it is only 750 leads. But I also called another list broker for the same lead ( and they wanted to charge me $0.24!!! I told them they were crazy. So, lets see how good these lists are. I do believe they will be very helpful. In other words ask around how much they charge. Sorry that I went on my little tangent…lol