Access Dbase - Posted by Sheik

Posted by LHoffman on June 18, 1999 at 22:28:27:

Sheik, seemed to be new at access. So I suggested an easy work around. The suggestion you made would also work. He could then create a sub-form within his database to display these listed properties.


Access Dbase - Posted by Sheik

Posted by Sheik on June 18, 1999 at 07:33:33:

I have just implemented a lead tracking database
using Access.

I have a slight problem that perhaps those of you
who runs Access as well might be able to help with.

How do you prevent multiple entries of the same record?

With repeating newspaper ads and all it is easy to attempt
to enter the same record over and over again.

Do I have to implement a query to prevent this or is
there a simpler way to do this?


Re: Access Dbase - Posted by LHoffman

Posted by LHoffman on June 18, 1999 at 08:04:13:

Hey Sheik,

I have done the same thing with access. I simply set the phone number field to be a key item. This way you make sure that there are dup. entries. If you need help email me.


Re: Access Dbase - Posted by Tloner

Posted by Tloner on June 18, 1999 at 14:56:03:

good solution, but what if a person (with the same phone number) has multiple properties listed? By using the phone number as the key, you will be prevented from entering in differnt properties that have the same phone numbers. Granted, the majoriy of the properties listed are the only ones listed by the individual owners. Another way (a little more involved) is to make an update query based on the phone numbers. This will group the records by the phone number and alow to decide if you want to delete the record or not. Just a suggestion.