Abatement liens - Are they public records? - Posted by Tara - Utah

Posted by Rob FL on September 18, 1999 at 20:30:46:

I am not sure what an “abatement lien” is. Abatements usually have to do with putting something indefinitely on hold.

From what I understand all foreclosures are public record. Many times the only documents recorded are the “Lis Pendens” for mortgage states or the “Notice of Default” for trust deed states and the documents transferring title. The rest of the foreclosure is either in some court file or in a trustee’s office. Maybe that is what is being referred to as not public record.

Abatement liens - Are they public records? - Posted by Tara - Utah

Posted by Tara - Utah on September 18, 1999 at 11:02:08:

Thanks to everyone who participates in this board. I read it faithfully!

I have a quick question. I contacted my county’s clerk office and was told that foreclosures and abatement liens are not public records and I could not have access to them. However, I recall hearing that they ARE public records. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, again.


Re: Abatement liens - Are they public records? - Posted by Charles

Posted by Charles on September 19, 1999 at 10:43:44:

Is the property abandon & overgrown? Where I am (FL) the county mows the grass if it gets too high and they get complaints from the neighbors. If they have to do this on an ongoing basis they call it an “abatement program” and they bill the owner if they can find him. I don’t know if they would actually lien the house if the owner didn’t pay. Try contacting Code Compliance.

As far as I understand it, the whole idea of a lien is to give public notice so it can be found and resolved if the property title is tranfered. What is the point of putting a lien on a property and keeping it a secret?


I never heard of an abatement lien… - Posted by Ben

Posted by Ben on September 18, 1999 at 22:10:47:

but a foreclosure is definitely public record. As the post below states a Lis Pendens is recorded at the county level stating the names of the parties and the property. With that docket number you can obtain the entire case file from the court or from any public records search company. Sounds like the court employee is just too lazy to look up anything.