A 14X66 hud house - Posted by lando

Posted by Steve-WA on March 26, 2011 at 20:33:37:

the key is the last paragraph

A 14X66 hud house - Posted by lando

Posted by lando on March 26, 2011 at 14:20:17:

I got a call the other day, a 1977 hud house 3/1.5 they had to move it out of the park because the park was doing some underground work and had to have the house moved. So it was cheap.

Here is a picture of it


The customer wanted the shed and the porch! I would have had to get rid of them because I don’t use those.

I went and looked at it and was not real impressed, there are three broken rafters, (600 to fix) If you know these old houses you have seen the ceiling sag in the middle? Well that is because the rafters are made out of 1X2’s with paneling stapled to them, and the short staples pop out under snow load, making the rafters sag in the front room. You have to remove the sections of fiberboard that pretends to be sheetrock, remove the fiberglass insulation, jack the rafter back up and put on 7/16 wafer board with lots of staples onto the side of the existing rafter, put the insulation back in and then sheet rock or panel the section. It isn’t a real tough job but is sort of dirty! And it really needs plywood underlayment and new vinyl floor coverings (2000) because the underlayment sort of sags from a water leak in the past but the carpet is good, almost new, so it could be pulled up and relaid.

The seller wanted 6K, and then lowered it to 2500, so I thought I ought to take a look see, it has good stove, fridge, new furnace and water heater, walls are okay, all in all it would make a good rental, but it is too busted up to pay much for it. SO I called the seller and explained, the house was so shot I didn’t really want it. She really had to get it out of there and was motivated if it could be out by the first, and she begged me to take it. I told her I would give her 200 plus pay the 65 in taxes if she went to the court house to get them and gave them to me with the title, she said okay!
Prepaid taxes are a big hack, and take almost 2 hours to get so that was nice!

So I met her, at her job nere my house, even though the house is 60 miles away, and I paid her Friday and got the title and taxes.

I called the mover explaining that the house is almost 6 feet above grade at the rear, and on the grade in front and has double blocks under it because of the height, and he said he would get it ready including tear down installing axles and a new tongue, (200 less if there is a bolt on tongue under it). Price includes taking the bricks and the trailer to the new location for 900 teardown plus 350 trucking.
They tear it down Monday, and haul it Wednesday. I realistically don’t have to go check the job because the movers are trusted, but If I get over there I’LL take a couple more pictures of it down, and maybe one of it on the road.

I don’t have a space to put it in, but have not been getting many calls on older trailers lately so I thought I would just store it until it is needed.

I have a few big spaces with small trailers, and a few empty space that need small trailers, so when a good small one comes empty I’ll pull it to the other space and spot that big one in there!

Here is my estimate of a finished move for this project
purchase 265
teardown 900
set up 1100
repairs inside including painting and carpets 3500
permits 250
electrical 1000
plumbing 600
Skirting 600
Steps 350
misl 10% 800
$ 8765

Wow, all cash out of pocket, and not much room to shave and that for a $200 trailer!

This is why it is almost unreasonable to expect a tenant to fill spaces in older trailer parks and puts the value of the intangible contract right (the value that goes up in smoke when the trailer is removed) to remain in the park into a decent perspective!

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Posted by darrellc on March 27, 2011 at 13:30:41:

I move about 3-4 homes per year and your total cost are similar to mine. I figure a free home costs me around 8-12 thousand to move, reset and remodel. If a prospective tenant had that kind of $$ they can get an owner carry stick built home in many areas.