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Posted by John Behle on October 29, 2008 at 10:40:04:

I am in the middle of several projects right now and do not have time for a long response, but most of what I would type would be found in the archives of this or the main forum.

What I have detailed at times in the past is the “Buyer’s brokerage” that I put together in the early 80’s. Through ten agents I was able to buy a million dollars a month in property. As a broker I hired and trained the agents. For someone that is not a broker, they would just need to find a broker that wants to earn more money.

I paid all the agents expenses, provided office space, training and a 100% commission split. I trained them over a week when they were new, held weekly training after that and held their hands through their first few deals or any they needed help with. Sometimes the help needed was just a better negotiator or the big bad broker coming in to intimidate others.

If you search through the archives of this forum and the main forum for things like “Buyer’s brokerage Behle” “MLS Behle” “offers Behle” and similar terms you should come up with the posts. We used the MLS extensively.

Other posts I have had about bulk offers also refer to many cases where others have done it and it has not worked. It’s possible that that is what someone is pointing you to. It can be done properly and profitably through the way I structured it, but for most it is a waste of time if they do not approach it in the same or similar ways to how I did it.

? 4 John Behle - Posted by J

Posted by J on October 13, 2008 at 20:26:53:

Someone on the main forum said that I should ask you about bulk offers on the MLS. I am looking to find a few deals to wholesale using the MLS. I only make offers on properties under 40,000 my buyers are looking to buy for around 30,000. Any suggestions

Thanks for any responses.