22 and a NEW investor in Miami Beach, - Posted by CC

Posted by Terry on September 22, 2004 at 24:33:52:

Hi, In miami bch all is listed at or above average price. one of the keys are to find units that need alittle work so you can lower price or vacant will help some also. I am in area need help contact Tsch42971@yahoo.com. oh yes if plannong to sell after 1 year intrest only is the way to go among a few others.

22 and a NEW investor in Miami Beach, - Posted by CC

Posted by CC on September 21, 2004 at 01:25:53:

I am 22 and even though I have high credit card balances I have made all my payments on time for everything and anything so I think I am going to get my mortage. Now my question is this I live in Miami beach and am looking to invest in condos here. Property seems to hold its value well and nearly all condos seem to rise in price every year. The problem is of course all the condos listed are at or a little above the average seeling price for the building. I assume this is normal? With a pre approved mortage should I just go into a few and make lowball offers and hope someone bites? Am i better with with a interest only mortage since I plan on selling after a year or so of collecting rent? Without a interest only I see no way of making a profit from rent at all or at least not one worth it when you add in takes and condo fees? Anyone who has any ideas? help? or experaince in this area please let me know.