$1000 MH - 1993 3/2 doublewide - Posted by TIM (GA)

Posted by Steve W (WA) on October 09, 2002 at 20:26:09:

“I can’t sell the home because I don’t have and probably never will have a clear title.”

Why not? How can the tax commissioner sell it to you without clear title? Push him on this. Don’t buy without it. There are ways to take the place as abandoned, but I would think that the landowner would have first crack at this - you should get a release of interest from him if it goes that way. But I think that the first way it oughta go is thru the TC - they can get title.

Do you want to move that suckah? Check the cost, and make sure that a park will cut some slack for you to get it setup and sold!

Or, advertise it as a mover - rake in a coupla thou, and buy us all lunch.

As far as the lien holder, the deadbeat owes them, not you. Are you sure that he got payments back RTS? Have you seen the documented proof? Or are you taking the guy at his word? And if you can’t find them - their loss. I’m sure that they had written it off as a bad debt before they went OOB. Do not consider this legal advice, just my opinion.

If you’ve got a spot, and you know what it will cost to move and setup, and you are willing, do it. I’d be able to sell a 93 DW for about 20K I reckon.

Do the research, make the decision; the worst that can happen is a $3500 seminar, as Ron LeGrand would say.

$1000 MH - 1993 3/2 doublewide - Posted by TIM (GA)

Posted by TIM (GA) on October 09, 2002 at 20:11:19:

Punt-Pass-or Kick?

My tax commissioner called me up Monday to look at a MH that has several years of back taxes owed on it apx $1000.00 The owner abandoned it about 2 years ago when he divorced, It sits on an acre of his fathers land. The home has a lien on it according to the tax commissioner. The lien holder went out of business about Feb 2000. The homeowner said his payments starting coming back “Return to Sender” about 2 years ago. We have called every name in the book in the city and surrounding cities which matches the two owners names and got no where.

I need some advice! Considering the home owners payments were coming back. I can’t locate the lien holder. It will cost me $1000.00 - “I will probably have to move the home, Unless I can convince his dad to sell the acre” At the most after taxes, moving, rehabing I will probably have $3500 into it. I can’t sell the home because I don’t have and probably never will have a clear title.

I would appreciate anycomments and advice.
Thanks Tim

Re: $1000 MH - 1993 3/2 doublewide - Posted by Mike(Al)

Posted by Mike(Al) on October 10, 2002 at 02:32:03:

I have to agree with Steve let the TC get a clear title to the trailer.If he is unwilling to do this, try applying for a lost title through the DMV.If the father will sell you the land leave the trailer there and rent it out.As cheap as you are getting it,you will be in a no lose situation.