Working with RE Agents - Posted by Kurt

Posted by Tim Fierro (WA) on November 27, 2001 at 12:44:05:

If this is an automated system, he is soliciting you as a new client. He gets it all set up to run and hopes that you will use him in the future. I would use the agent if he was doing work for you and the information is something useful to you.

If the agent gives you the expired listings, you wouldn’t want another agent doing the same thing. However if they are doing searches for you, then having a couple in different areas works too.

Your agent just wants to insure that the work put into the system for you is going to have some reward at the end.

Working with RE Agents - Posted by Kurt

Posted by Kurt on November 27, 2001 at 12:19:50:

I have a real estate agent who will set me up on his program to have listings emailed to me daily via a homefinder service attached to the MLS. I think it would be awesome to use the service, however, he wants me to only deal with him and have no other agents looking for properties for me.

The system is set up for me to put in key phrases like “needs TLC” etc and will search in my target area 24/7.

Do you think I should only work with one agent. I feel that having a couple would be best, but his system might supply me with all the listings I need up to date hot off the MLS.

I looking to wholesale properties.


Re: Working with RE Agents - Posted by BrokerSean

Posted by BrokerSean on November 28, 2001 at 08:36:57:

By all means, Find an broker that has the MOST experience to represent you in a RE transactions and STICK WITH THAT broker. CREATE a loyalty relationship and you will go much farther in your ventures.

When you shop and agent/brokers with others, THEY will not respect you as much as a Buyer and will not turn the good deals your way. I own a Real Estate office in Arizona and MOST of my business is with pure investors and the realtionship that I have with each one is priceless. Put yourself in the agents shoes. If you had a buyer/investor that you feed possible homes to buy and he finds one and then writes a contract with another agent for the home you showed him, you will not get paid.

Thats why it is a GOOD idea to become GOOD FRIENDS with the LOCAL real estate GURU and not just some flunkie butt agent right out of SCHOOL!

Re: Working with RE Agents - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on November 27, 2001 at 14:43:16:


By all means use the agent who is giving you the listings. If he is providing you with the listing, then he should get the offer. My arrangement with my agents (when I used more then one) always was to put my offer in with the person who brought the deal to me. If you feel it is necessary to deal with more then one, tell this realtor that you are going to work with others, but only if they bring the deals to you. If you get the deal from him, he will get the offer. You have to treat them right. It is sometimes best just working with one. Besides the system he is putting you on seems to me like it would make everyone else obsolete anyway.

Hope this helps,