Will it work for me??? - Posted by Rikki

Posted by Mike(Al) on October 26, 2002 at 22:33:18:

The problem you are describing is “analysis paralysis” used by several guru’s.If you do nothing you will have exactly that nothing.A word of advice,do the first deal it gets easier after the first one.Just do it!!!

Will it work for me??? - Posted by Rikki

Posted by Rikki on October 26, 2002 at 24:36:07:

Hi All,

I have been a viewer of the Carlton Sheets for quite some time now. If it were not for my background to over analyze everthing…i may have moved on the real estate venture a lot sooner. I have given myself a real challenge with credit challenges…its not that bad, but it is enough to slow down my success within real estate. I am interested in the options that I may have out there to become a success in this business.

I have recently found a home on auction that is a blank canvas for my vivid imagination for renovating…but I do not have the capital to get it at auction, nor will I have the credit worthiness to secure a 203K to bring the house up to code. Any suggestions…I may have to let this sleeping beauty of a property pass me by.

Be productive…