Wholesaling Questions - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on September 16, 2008 at 08:16:26:

Please don’t advertise your courses. I’d really appreciate someone who can answer my questions, and be straight to the point. Thanks.

Wholesaling Questions - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on September 15, 2008 at 07:56:08:

How does wholesaling work for those who find deals out of their current state? Can they get the home under contract and assign it without ever viewing the home in person? The reason I am asking is that i’d like to start my marketing plan soon and I would like it to involve all nearby states(I live in NY, so I’d like to advertise in PA, OH, etc to try and find deals). I’ll have a receptionist answering calls so I’m not concerned about call volume. We all know this is a numbers game, and for every 20-30 sellers who call I may be able to get one deal out of that. To be honest I am currently living in a small town south of Buffalo, NY and I’d like to expand my range of marketing. So please advise me on how wholesaling would work for those out of state deals, or is it a must that the home be within a certain distance so that I’m able to see it in person? Thank you and I look forward to your answers!

Re: Wholesaling Questions - Posted by Jack E

Posted by Jack E on September 16, 2008 at 14:01:31:

As a old timer in this business, I am always amazed at the risks new people want to take. I am not saying that you cannot make money this way, just that it is full of risks. Why go looking for trouble? Almost everwhere I have been and that’s a lot of wheres’, there is plenty of business in your own back yard that you can personally control and not take undo risk. It’s up to you, but I believe the tried and proven methods beat any undo risk.