Wholesaling properties - Posted by joel

Posted by Derek(NC) on July 09, 2002 at 18:36:11:

I would advise you to take the safe route, if you are this new to rei. Be a “scout” for investors in your area. This is virtually risk free and will provide you the money you need to purchase a course. Go to the archives and type in scout, then read, read, read. Lots of luck to you. Derek

Wholesaling properties - Posted by joel

Posted by joel on July 09, 2002 at 11:35:32:

This is for all you wholesalers out there. I’ve read as many of the articles as I could find on this site with regards to flipping or wholesaling properties to other investors and have decided this would be my best route at this point and time. The way I would like to approach this is to get my first deal under my belt, then use whatever money I make from that deal to buy a couple really good courses. I know this sounds like I’m getting the cart before the horse, but at this point and time the funds just aren’t available to me. Are there any individuals out there who have wholesaled properties in the past that could give me all the step by step details (even the frightening ones) of your first deal, especially if it was done WITHOUT the aid of a course ?