Which books to buy to get started? - Posted by John_Ohio

Posted by Karl (Oh) on December 04, 2000 at 10:06:53:


Most of us here got started by reading Deals on Wheels. I would suggest buying DoW and Making Money with Mobile Homes together, since both books are so affordable. These two books have all the info you need to get started. Read the books, then get out and do some deals. The concepts are extremely simple, but it won’t really hit home until you do a couple deals. After you discover first hand that this is a great business, then start thinking about buying additional study material. Lonnie’s Home Study course and Ernest’s Getting Rich material is terrific. There are also additional courses on building a note business that will be helpful down the road. But if you can’t put a deal together after reading Deals on Wheels, buying more books and tapes is going to be a waste of your money.

There’s a gang of us here in Ohio doing Lonnie Deals. After you read the book and drive some parks, feel free to ask questions, we’ll do what we can to help you get started.

Where do you live in Ohio? I’m down in Cincinnati.

Karl Kleiner

Which books to buy to get started? - Posted by John_Ohio

Posted by John_Ohio on December 04, 2000 at 08:57:14:

I am just getting ready to start investing in mobile homes (thanks to the great info on this site). Which books would be the best for me to get started?

Does the Deals on Wheels Home Study Course include the Deals on Wheels or Making Money On Mobile Homes books, or would I buy the book(s) in addition to the home study course?

Also, what about Get Rich Helping Others by Ernest Tew?

And finally, is anyone familiar with Mobile Home Money Machine by Dyches Biddiford?

I appreciate any advice you can give as to which books/courses would be the best way to get started. I want to get the best education I can so I can learn from other peoples mistakes and successes.

Thanks for putting together this great site.