Where to begin? - Posted by Ryan

Posted by craig (IL) on January 06, 2006 at 03:50:00:

An RE agent or broker and an RE investor are two different animals. Some RE investors are brokers, others are not.

RE investors are looking for completely different purchases than the typical famiy of four. Investors aren’t interested in how cute the house looks from the streeet or some of the amenities inside. Just how the deal can make them money. Many investors make a lot of lowball offers in order to get the right deal, and that frutrates many Brokers.

You may be counseled by more seasoned Brokers not to work with Investors. Brokers don’t seem to understand what investors do. I guess they don’t teach about it in RE school.

Having MLS access can be help finding reasonably good deals (usually not the best deal though, just a lot of decent deals) either for your own investing or to work with investors. If you learned the mindset of the investor you may come to understand that workign with them can be frutiful. The right investor can bring you several deals either as buyer or seller in one year.

Also, if you will open your mind to some of investors creative financing techniques, ther’s a market for A LOT of deals where you make fairly small amounts. Sometimes waiting for a year or so to get you money. But A LOT of deals.

At some point you will want to become an investor yourself. If you will work with investors, you will learn how they do it, and eventually start building wealth with your own investments.

Where to begin? - Posted by Ryan

Posted by Ryan on January 05, 2006 at 21:38:53:

Hey guys I am brand new to this investment stuff. I just recently got my real estae license, 5 months ago. I am 20 years old and enrolled in college. I want to start making a move in life at an early age. Can someone please give me some guidance in this investing direction. Where to start and take off. Is it a plus to habe my license?