Where Do You Begin? - Posted by Kent G (Western Oklahoma)

Posted by midnightrambler on September 27, 2002 at 01:06:00:

How do I start purchasing realestate with no down payment?

Where Do You Begin? - Posted by Kent G (Western Oklahoma)

Posted by Kent G (Western Oklahoma) on September 26, 2002 at 21:24:59:

I have read books and been to seminars, and still don’t know where to start in real estate investing. I have looked at houses, talked to owners, but I wouldn’t know a good deal or even know what to do with it if it bit me in the a**. Is there someone who might be able to help me out?

Re: Where Do You Begin? - Posted by jeff

Posted by jeff on September 27, 2002 at 14:54:19:

beginning is the hardest step youll ever take in REI.

as long as you continue to analyze everyting youll never start.

ill mkae it simple for you, the perfect deal that you have in yuor head right now doesnt exist. you wanna buy a property for $10 and sell it the day before you buy it for 50K. keep looking for this deal and youll be analyzing for the rest of yuor life.

if yuove been talking to sellers for a year then you should already know about what it takes to make a deal in your area. use this info to actually start looking for a deal that you can do, not one that pays you 100K the day you take it.

im not saying to go out and buy somethign just to be buying it, im simply saynig that with your past experiences you should have enough knowledge to know what your looking for. find it and close the deal.

yuove already leanred that analyzing everyting gets you nowhere. you have to actually do somethign in order to cash in on a property.

Search the archives. Lots of anwers. (nt) - Posted by Michael

Posted by Michael on September 27, 2002 at 09:56:25: