What's #1 - Posted by Susan T. Lewis

Posted by Angel Gutierrez on June 21, 2001 at 09:11:02:

The First and foremost ingredient to ANY new venture is yourself. We all have different levels of fear uncertainty and doubt lurking about in our psyche. These traits, are not bad if they are used as counselors and not jailers. When people begin a new venture, generally they like something with low risk (or low figures $$) and they stay away from R.E because of the high dollar amounts they find intimidating. In this business, if you choose SFR’s, just remember, a house is a house is a house. They are our stock in trade. Buy 'em right, and you won’t lose. If it doesn’t work on paper, it will never work in the real world. The biggest fear about R.E. is the money. Well trust me when I say that…if you got a real deal…money will be thrown at you. Anytime you have a deal and money is scarce, it’s probably not a deal, hence the elevated levels of anxiety, then fear…etc…etc…etc. and like most who try this game and get burned, run the other way and tell the world how bad R.E. investing is. So…
questions are, have you thought it through? Do you know how to spot a deal? And are you sooo confident and self reliant (nerves of steel) that you KNOW you are going to make it?
Sometimes I encounter individuals that like to say things like …who do you think you are? or , what makes you so special? and so on and so on.
My answer, when I feel absolutely compelled to answer is usually something like, "my name Angel, it’s absolutely a PLEASURE to meet you!"
Hope this gives you a few things to think about.(if you haven’t already thought about it)
Now go get’em!

Dallas, Tx

What’s #1 - Posted by Susan T. Lewis

Posted by Susan T. Lewis on June 20, 2001 at 22:32:13:

What is the number one piece of advise to be given to a REI wanna be, besides thorough education?