What to do with my mobile home? - Posted by Kalvin J. Evans

Posted by Kalvin J. Evans on October 28, 2005 at 08:56:29:

Thanks for the followup. Here are the answers to your 3 questions.

  1. The nature of the lawsuit involves the Estate attorney’s failure to fully disclose their intentions of selling and closing the park before we moved in. The lawsuit also involves the company who sold us the mobile home and moved us onto the park who also did not fully disclose the park closing and sale. While we lived on the park, our rent was used to pay lawyer’s fees for the Estate attorney’s managing of the park instead of maintenance and upkeep. Just a very devious circumstance that has taken time and money since 2003.
    2)Per an appraisal just recently done to the mobile home, it’s worth $52,000.00.
    3)Go to this website, http://www.cfims.org:8080/conversion/relocate/MHrelocfees_jun2004_AMcAndrews.doc. It’s a breakdown of the costs involved in this area of trying to relocate our home.
    Basically, the county in which we live is removing mobile home parks in order for builders to place high density housing units on remaining parcels of land. So, we are looking to turn the home into an asset instead of a liability while we await the judge’s decision in the case of dismissal or jury trial. Any thoughts?

What to do with my mobile home? - Posted by Kalvin J. Evans

Posted by Kalvin J. Evans on October 27, 2005 at 09:55:40:


I have a 2002 doublewide mobile home where I owe $48,000 on it. I want to turn it into an asset, but have a couple of obstacles. #1) It is currently on a mobile home park that is closing and involved in a court lawsuit that we are involved in. We used to live in the home but needed to move. My family and I live about an hour and a half in a town close to my work in an apartment. (situation at the park is deteriorating) I need roughly $10,000 to move the home here closer to where I live to rent out or sell it. What are some ideas to raise the cash?
#2) Is it better to find another mobile home park to place the home or buy a piece of land and move it once I find funding to move the home?


Re: What to do with my mobile home? - Posted by John D. Goddard

Posted by John D. Goddard on October 27, 2005 at 21:06:54:

Email me more info and I’ll send you some ideas. Here are a few questions that pop up:
1)What’s the nature of the lawsuit/your involvement?
2)You owe 48K–what might it be worth?
3)10K seems high to move, even a double wide–are you sure that’s the best price you can get?