What the ?!?! - Posted by Dave(Mi)

Posted by CarolFL on April 15, 1999 at 11:46:34:

Dave, I don’t know how things work in your city, but my hubby’s first rehab (long before he met me even!) was a condemned home … and it took him all of about $1500 to fix it up.

No doubt you will get some really good advice in other posts about how to proceed… my only point is

  1. don’t be beligerant
  2. do be persistent.
    Some people ‘specialize’ in condemned property!

What the ?!?! - Posted by Dave(Mi)

Posted by Dave(Mi) on April 15, 1999 at 10:09:02:

There is a house in New Orleans before the
rising su… Oh sorry just singin! :o

Get this, I found a house Condemned but certainly
not any worse than the best of the rehab type
homes. So I call the city to inquire. The inspector
gives me this bad review of the property of how its
irrepairable…but I dissagree, can probably buy for
cheap and flip it. But I think the city must have
ulterior motives not to let anyone rehab the
property, like the land is prime development
land.so my question is, can the city stand in my
way of buying the propety? would that be wise
to bump heads with the city so early in my REI
adventure? Thanks in advance for any help! happy


Re: What the ?!?! - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on April 15, 1999 at 18:41:08:

We picked up a condemned home last May. Cited for plumbing, wiring, furnace… just about everything. We had a blast turning it into a doll house. We took our time and did it when we “felt” like it. Absolutely no problems from the city on the whole deal, until the heating and air guy didn’t pull a permit. NOW they’re upset with me, but we passed a follow up with a licensed contractor. (lesson learned, prove you’re licensed) I now have the house rented with a 2 year Lease Option, and a tidy profit too !

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: What the ?!?! - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on April 15, 1999 at 15:22:20:

Check with your city requirements on “who” can do the work. Many of us who do rehabs and whatnot use our own contractors and/or do some of the work oursleves.
In one of my neighboring cities, I found a home like this. The city had condemned the house, and even tried to negotiate for the seller to demolish the home.
I knew it could be fixed, and for how much. I got the home under contract, and started to get my rehab crew in order. The city then called me and asked if I’d consider letting the tear it down. I said “no, I’m going to fix it up and sell it.”
They gave me that “long list” of irrepairable items, (which was WAY off), and said that IF I went ahead and bought the home, I could only do the work myself if it was owner occup., and if not I had to use contractors from there “approved list”. which of course was ALL union and way too expensive. By using thier list, my repair estimates would have more than doubled.
So, we got out of that deal, based on the fact that the seller and sellers agent had failed to disclose that the home was on the cities “Probelm property list.”
They gave us a hard time at first, but then I showed them copies I got from the city, of certified mail letters informing them and demanding compliance.
I also told the RE agent that the “state board” would definately hear from me.
Needless to say, we got our earnest money back, and walked away unhurt.
By the way, that home is still standing and still for sale. (although, now for WAY less, and the listing says, "some city violations exist.)

So, check with your city for “special requirements” like those, and if you are clear, GO FOR IT!!
Just be accurate in your offer, and allow for repairs and a fudge factor.

Good luck,
Jim IL