What on earth is going on with these "buyers"? - Posted by Debra G - VA

Posted by Karon on July 23, 2000 at 15:54:31:

Just change the way you think a little to help deal with this. Never allow your mind to relax and think, “AHHHH it’s sold”, until it’s signed sealed and delivered! Do not hold anything for anyone!! Keep marketing until it is off your books!

What on earth is going on with these “buyers”? - Posted by Debra G - VA

Posted by Debra G - VA on July 05, 2000 at 12:01:21:

Well, I seem to be running into the same problem with buyers over and over again. After the first buyers of both my mobile homes broke their contracts before moving in, I decided that I would only sell to buyers that had the full down payment available when they wanted to buy (no more taking deposits and waiting for the rest). Well, an all cash buyer came to purchase my 1969 home. Definitely promised to bring me the cash in two days. Then he fell off the face of the earth, and I never heard from him again. The following week, I received a call from another buyer who had seen the home earlier and told me she would bring the down payment the very next day. The same thing happened! I never heard from her again. Now, I had told both of them that I couldn’t hold the home for them, and that the first person to bring me the money and sign the papers would get the home, so it wasn’t as if the homes had been taken off the market (I learned that part of the lesson already, thank goodness).

Both these latest buyers had steady jobs and good rental references. I have to say that I’m getting real tired of this disappearing act. I can understand running into this occasionally, but every buyer I’ve dealt with so far? They all really liked the home, didn’t have any problem with price or financing, and swore they were going to buy. How common is this? And, yes, I know I just need to go out and find more buyers. But does anyone have any feedback on this problem? Thanks!

All Cash buyers…is it a syndrome? - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on July 08, 2000 at 15:05:18:

Hi Debra,
Keep your chin up. I recieve the all cash buyer calls about twice a week. That being said in the last two years that I have been doing Mobile Homes, I have sold two, all cash.
The most effective technique that I like in selling a home is the mass showing. Also it effectively organizes the time I spend on a particular deal.
I simply tell everyone when and where and remind them to bring a tape measure to measure for furniture drapes etc. You would be surpised at how tense it gets when fourteen people are tripping over one another measuring to see if their sofa will fit.

It happens - Posted by Tony-VA

Posted by Tony-VA on July 05, 2000 at 19:30:16:

Don’t ask me why, but it happens.

For instance. I have always been particularly cautious of “all cash offers”. I require them to be in writing. Which means on my mobile home sales agreement accompanied by a “NON-REFUNDABLE” downpayment.

I had a guy walk through one of my homes. He lives in the mobile home next door and is on the shady side. I knew this going into the deal and had avoided him for some time but he pinned me down on a date and time. I never told him, but I would not finance this man. That was not an issue because he only wanted an all cash deal. He tossed out a number, we went back and forth and came up with an all cash figure to be accepted only with a signed contract and cash downpayment. He handed me $500 bucks and we completed the contract. He has not called me since. I called him on the date the contract was due to expire. He said he did not have the cash and knew he would be forfeiting the $500. I even called him later to see if he wished to renegotiate to buy him some more time to get the remainder of the cash. He said, and I quote, “let me call you back in 5 mins.” That was yesterday.

Go figure.

Debra, just write it off to a slue of oddballs hitting you at the same time. It is not always this way but you have learned a great deal about how to put yourself in the driver’s seat when they come along. Give them some cash to loose. At least enough to pay the months lot rent and then some.