What is "Regulation Z"? - Posted by Glen Tims

Posted by Shawn Dostie on June 10, 2002 at 21:30:16:

do a search online under regulation z. This has to do with as you stated truth in lending statements. Basically it says you must clearly document your selling price, rate of interest, late fees, early payoff penalties, fixed rate or adjustable, amount financed, dollar amount it will cost to borrow that sum, and the total of those dollars if paid as agreed. It also must spell out the specific repayment terms ie 360 payments of $550.83 beginning on July, 10th 2002 and continuing monthly until June 10th, 2032.


What is “Regulation Z”? - Posted by Glen Tims

Posted by Glen Tims on June 10, 2002 at 09:21:56:

In the May/June editions of CR, Richard Powelson discusses a civil procedure involving a statute called “Regulation Z.” In summary, it apparently has something to do with “truth-in-lending” and it permits catastrophic penalties for offending lenders. Is anyone familiar with “Regulation Z”?