What do you use in your Answering Machine msg? - Posted by HenryTX2002

Posted by Dee-Texas on March 30, 2002 at 09:27:33:

Hi Henry,
I enjoyed meeting you at the convention.
I have a machine that has two mailboxes. Some have more, more is better.
I put an ad in the thrifty nickel and my small local paper. I always have bandit signs or flyers out.
When they call:
Hello this is DGH Home & Property Solutions
I’m sorry I missed you call. WE are buying properties NOW. We can buy your house FAST. If you want to sell a house keep listening if you want to BUY a house press 2 now for mailbox 2. My cell phone is listed later in the message.
I WILL TAKE OVER YOUR PAYMENTS or pay cash with a discount.
PROBLEMS like divorce, job loss, moving? I can buy your house in 9 days.
No Fees or Commissions charged Quick Closes
IF your ready to sell right now call 555-555-5555, that?s my cellphone.
Leave your name and numbers where you can be reached.
I change my message almost every week. I have people calling every week checking for something new. If you don’t change the message they will think you don’t have anything new to offer.
It works for me.
Best Success,

What do you use in your Answering Machine msg? - Posted by HenryTX2002

Posted by HenryTX2002 on March 30, 2002 at 09:12:09:

I am unable to answer the phone while I am at work. So I have bought an answering machine. What do people use for their message? Do you say that you are an investor? Do you mention the problems you can solve or is it just a simple “I buy houses. Please leave a message”? :slight_smile:

Re: What do you use in your Answering Machine msg? - Posted by J. Clifton

Posted by J. Clifton on March 30, 2002 at 21:10:27:

The phone message should be an extension of your ad, that briefly lays out what you do so as to screen out tirekickers, yet provide a direct line for people who listen through all of it (and are thus likely motivated). The below contains the appropriate key phrases to further screen, and pre-frames the conversation you will have with the seller around the essentials:

1-you are an investor (without saying the I-word, that rubs some people the wrong way), 2-you don’t do conventional deals, but can close fast, 3-you solve problems, and expect the seller to disclose his circumstances in order to “qualify” to receive your solution/alternative deal, and 4-they can call you direct IF they are ready to go to contract. Setting this framework saves you time on the undermotivated, so you can maximize your negotiating time with the ‘hot-to-gos.’

“Hi, my name is x, thank you for responding. I buy houses in the metro area to fix-up and/or lease out on a fast cash, rent-to-own, or take over payments basis. I am NOT a broker or agent. If you’re in a special situation that has made a conventional sale difficult, maybe I can solve your problem. Please indicate WHY you are selling, and the best time to reach you, to see if your property qualifies for my program. But, if you positively must sell TODAY, if you need to start the paperwork NOW, call my office/cell number at xxx-xxxx.”

Re: What do you use in your Answering Machine msg? - Posted by Craig (IL)

Posted by Craig (IL) on March 30, 2002 at 09:30:58:

I don’t claim any great successes to my message–or failures. But since you asked. . . .

My message is short and simple. Other people at this board have noted the importance of not giving out specific info over the phone, suggesting you can lose deals that way. My message is merely to invite interest by matching my first name with my ads:

“Hi. This is Craig. If you responding to the ad, please leave your name and number and, if you want, a brief message after the beep. Thanks for calling.”

I dont worry about curious callers. Many people tryign to sell their home, or thinking about it, might call just looking for info. I understand that; I don’t worry about it or become upset. Of course, living in a rural area I don’t have scores of callers gumming up my machinery.