Wedding Blues - Posted by Warner

Posted by Rob FL on July 11, 1999 at 21:34:26:

Or you could secretly drop 500 rats down the chimney and scare her out. And then exterminate and sell. LOL :slight_smile:

Wedding Blues - Posted by Warner

Posted by Warner on July 10, 1999 at 21:27:14:

Can anybody help me with this one:

My wife owns a home and I rent an apartment. My apartment is closer to where we work so we stay there.

My mother -in-law and brother-in-law were staying in the home before we were married. I addressed the situation with my then fiancee and she told me that her mother and brother were going to pay the mortgage when we got married. Guess what - brother moves out and mother stays in the house and can only afford to pay utilities. My wife is still footing the mortgage and she gets no help whatsoever from her mother financially. By the way, her brother still has a key to the house and occasionally stays there. Also he has alot of stuff in the basement and a second floor guestroom that is his junk-room.

Anyway, I told my wife that we need to prepare the house to sell and purge ourselves of her relatives. She agrees, but I can see that it’s tough on her. It is her mother.

My problem is how to handle this situation delicately. I don’t want to cause a rift between her family and us, but it’s not fair for them to stay there while we are renting. We can’t afford to pay two mortgages. Heck, paying $700 a month rent for my small place while my inlaws are enjoying my wife’s townhome 50 miles away while she pays the mortgage just doesn’t sit right with me.

We were going to buy another home if her relatives were going to pay the mortgage for the other home. Now, just on my salary, it’s impossible for now.

Any help with this one is appreciated.



Try, or - Posted by Irwin

Posted by Irwin on July 11, 1999 at 07:59:55:

Seems like this is more in their area of expertise than ours.

Re: Wedding Blues - Posted by Jason-DTX

Posted by Jason-DTX on July 10, 1999 at 21:57:35:

Family members are the hardest to evict.

A delicate solution might be for you to tell the mother-in-law that yall can’t afford both places anymore and that she is welcome to move in with you and your wife in your SMALL apt otherwise you might lose the house since you can’t (don’t want to) afford it anymore.
The mother in law may take the hint and find herself another place. CAUTION: She may take you up on your offer and you may be worse off if she moves in!
At least it will put the idea in the air and it won’t seem like your kicking her out onto the street.
I wouldn’t worry about the brother-in-law, he just uses the house now since its there. He can go rent a storage unit.

I’m sure the mother-in-law will understand (unless she’s a freeloader) and find another place once she learns you and your wife’s feelings. Its probably in the back of her mind also and since neither of yall want to mention it, it remains unspoken.
If your family is close it will all work out, if not it probably won’t matter anyway.
I’ve been in a similar situation and it all worked out once it was talked about.

PS - this post reminds me of a “Dear Abby” senario!

Re: Wedding Blues - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on July 10, 1999 at 21:52:11:

The truth is always the best. Tell your in-laws that these double payments are eating you alive financially and that you must immediately sell the property. If you don’t list the house for sale immediately that you will get foreclosed. What are they going to say? “Oh please let us stay, we want to see you let the house go into foreclosure.”

Re: A good lie is usually the best solution - Posted by Bill Gatten

Posted by Bill Gatten on July 11, 1999 at 14:41:01:

Tell you mother-in-law that, out of necessity you had to rent the house to a group of Hells Angeles, most of whom are not druggies, just registered sex offenders. But tell her that the good news is that they said she’s welcome to stay there rent-free as long as she wants to. She’ll move.