Warren; ATM program; Challenge - Posted by hunter

Posted by hunter on July 12, 2001 at 07:53:07:

Someone sent me an e-mail messages asking something like the following.
Is their an investigation?
Did it extend to his judgments?

Sorry to the person who sent this message but I thought it came from this board. I am not too good at keeping up with all the places one can post at creonline.

Will attempt to answer your questions. The only reason I follow Warren is because of his relationship to David Tedder. Bottom line is that I don’t really know that much about Warren and his various programs. Because of my interest in Tedder, I sometimes talk with government officials. I know the following from various conversations.

  1. Warren is being investigated by the Economic Crime Division in Colorado. At this time it is just an investigation and I don’t think charges have been filed. This investigation is related to his ATM program. If you have been involved in any Warren program and think the program involved any illegal activity then I am sure the Economic Crime Division would be glad to talk with you. They can give you more specific details on the investigation.
  2. I don’t know that much about the discount note program. It was advertised at Warren’s NotesForSale site. Here is some of the informaiton mentioned at the site related to the program:
    Chicago Title was the title company.
    Documents included: Promissory Note, Corporate Assignment of a Promissory Note and Deed of Trust, Deed of Trust, Uniform Residential Loan Application, Uniform Residential Loan Application, Credit Report, Federal Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement, Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form, Internal comment and form notices from the original lender.
  3. Check for purchase should be made out to Challenge Realty Client Trust Escrow Account.
  4. The escrow account insured by Travelers Insurance.
  5. To receive the best deal you should buy notes in pools.

As related to the discount note program, I would suspect that authorities are interested in talking with anyone who may have purchased notes from Warren and/or Challenge Realty. They are probably interested in who you dealt with, documentation, what you were told, records of any documented transactions, etc. If e-mail messages I have received are accurate then Brent Duncan and possibly William Russell Pierce were somehow involved in Challenge. Pierce, Duncan, and Tedder were all involved in a bank debenture trading program that is being investigated. If they were also involved in Challenge then it may be receiving attention simply due to their involvement. I am sure the Economic Crime Division would take any information you have on the discount note program. I am willing to answer any questions about the bank debenture trading program but I don’t think that subject falls into any real estate category. For that reason, I recommend that you send any questions to my deja account. If the moderator of this board decides that any information related to that program might benefit visitors to this board then I would be happy to take questions at this board.

Warren; ATM program; Challenge - Posted by hunter

Posted by hunter on July 11, 2001 at 11:08:18:

I would be interested in exchanging information with investors who purchased any discount mortgage notes from Michael Warren and/or Challenge Realty.

Also, if any investors were not happy with his ATM program then contact the Economic Crime Divison in Colorado. Number is (719) 520-6002.