VIRUS ALERT - Posted by CurtNY

Posted by Mike Schmidt (IL) on July 30, 2001 at 17:14:20:

Just a note, but adding nospam, NO SPAM or any combination of the above wont help you much. It will only help stop SOME junk email. There is email grabber software out there that will auto search for the letters nospam and remove them automatically.

Safest thing for ALL is to NEVER open a attachement you were not expecting, even if its from a close friend. I email them back asking what it is first, then inform them from now on unless I get a message first telling me whats in the next one to follow, I will delete it without opening it. Most of my online friends now know to send two messages, one telling me an attachment is to follow.

In the famous words of Hill Street Blues…Be carefull out there =)

VIRUS ALERT - Posted by CurtNY

Posted by CurtNY on July 30, 2001 at 14:10:09:

FYI…I just received this today…


A new virus has just been discovered that has been classified by Microsoft ( and by McAfee( as the most destructive ever! This virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by McAfee and no vaccine
has yet been developed. This virus simply destroys Sector Zero from the hard disk, where vital information for its functioning are stored. This virus acts in the following manner: It sends itself automatically to all contacts on
your list with the title “A Virtual Card for You.” As soon as the supposed virtual card is opened, the computer freezes so that the user has to reboot. When the ctrl+alt+del keys or the reset button are pressed, the virus destroys Sector Zero, thus permanently destroying the hard disk. Yesterday in just a few hours this virus caused panic in New York, according to news broadcast by CNN This alert was received by an employee of Microsoft itself. So don’t open any mails
with subject: “A Virtual Card for You.” As soon as you get the mail, delete it. Please pass this mail to all of your friends. Forward this to everyone in your address book. I
would rather receive this 25 times than not at all.

Also: Intel announced that a new and very destructive virus was discovered recently. If you receive an email called “An Internet Flower For You,” do not open it. Delete it right away! This virus removes all dynamic link libraries
(.dll files) from your computer. Your computer will not be able to boot up!! SEND THIS TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST!!

Disregard this…it’s a hoax! - Posted by Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne on July 30, 2001 at 14:28:58:

This info is at It is listed second in their virus hoax library.


Thanks Jeanne - Posted by SandyFL

Posted by SandyFL on July 30, 2001 at 14:57:04:

I appreciate your updates and diligence on these virus issues. Since your first warning about SirCam last week I have received about 6 infected email attachments, 4 of them from the same real estate office. I have been visiting daily for their online scans to make sure there’s nothing I have missed.

I am now joining the legions of other investors who will use “nospam” within their email address, so that when I post here some killer virus that harvests email addresses from cached web pages doesn’t get me.

Anyway thanks for the info, we do appreciate it.


Re: Thanks Jeanne - Posted by TC

Posted by TC on July 30, 2001 at 22:47:27:

Thanks Sandy.This did come a little late for me.A few days ago,the sircam worm virus got my hard drive and wiped out everything!
With the help of my son I’m backup and running.
I had to go from the old netscape to netscape 6 and that has taken some adjusting to.Lost all my bookmarks and music downloads.Other than that I guess a lot of the other I needed to clean off anyways.
I am very suspicious of any emails asking opinions or offering something for free.