Very New in this business would like ideas - Posted by Veronica-FL

Posted by Dirk Roach on November 14, 2000 at 18:03:39:

hi Veronica,
In my experience dealing with a park that has an in house sales office can be somewhat of a pain. Mainly because you are going into this park and competing with them. Most often leads get stolen, people don’t get approved and all sorts of shanagins can happen.
I like to deal in parks were I am the only game in town selling with owner financing. Deals just get done quicker and not only can you maneuver better, you can do it much more efficiently.
If you do plan on dealing in this park (Myself I never deal in parks like this) just remember if the space rent is 476 month, it is going to cost you close to 16 bucks a day until this home is sold.
Doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up quickly.
Anyhow look at the risk vs. reward. Also keep in mind this is really only your first park that you are even having any dealings in at all. Never fall in love with a deal. If the cards just aren’t what you want, then fold and get a new hand (a different park). Also remember the real nice parks are going to be a pain, just like the opposite end of the spectrum and real bad parks are an equal pain. Find a nice mid grade park.
Anyhow that’s my thoughts, just off the top of my head on it.

Very New in this business would like ideas - Posted by Veronica-FL

Posted by Veronica-FL on November 13, 2000 at 22:25:36:

Hello Everyone,

Today I went out to the field and start getting to know the park managers. I went to 2 parks that I thought were very nice. At the first I could not find the PM and left. At the second park I got to talk to the on-site PM. I was not totally comfortable telling this person of my business intentions for which I told her I was looking to buy a home for my parents and that I would be doing the financing for them. She gave me the rules, application ($50.00 non-ref) an a monthly calendar of events (very friendly). It seems to me they have it very well managed. They also have a SALES office. She told me they were closing on 4 homes this month. She is pleased with her sales.

I would like to know from you if I should consider this park, since it has its own sales office?
Should I wait until I have done 2 or 3 deals first?
I think they are a very well managed park that maximizes on home sales and lot rent ( $432.00 off of the lake and $476.00 with view of the lake, Ouch!!)

I appreciate all your ideas and would you share how did you first approach your PM?
I am glad I have gotten my feet a little bit wet, I have the feeling this is going to be a fun business to work at.
Thanks, you are a great group of caring and smart people,


It All Depends - Posted by Fred-Ohio

Posted by Fred-Ohio on November 14, 2000 at 20:04:14:

I farm a park which has a sales office, but they only sell new units and the more expensive units that they take on trade. The Park manager/sales manager is willing to throw the Don’t Wanters in the park and some of his low priced trade-ins my way. Soooo it all depends on what the sales office is interested in selling. Check it out!

Good Luck,