USMR (US Mortgage Reduction Service) - Posted by debbie

Posted by al on December 25, 1998 at 15:04:02:

debbie,im not knocking this usmr service what a lot of people dont know is you can reduce your morgatage by paying one extra mortgage payment per year it works out the same way this company tells you to make bi-weekly payments to reduce your morgage.I never understood why someone would pay someone to set this up for them.Call the BBB in your area to check them out,if they offer a money back offer go head and try them out.

USMR (US Mortgage Reduction Service) - Posted by debbie

Posted by debbie on December 25, 1998 at 12:10:45:

I have a question for anyone out there who has ever used a mortgage reduction service or ever became a member representative of USMR (US Mortgage Reduction Service). They have a website at

I would like to know of the pros and cons of the USMR business opportunity and also if anyone feels that by saving a potential property owner or owners as much as 33% off of their mortgage via their method if the property owners have been happy with their service.I think this can expedite sales of properties too.

I understand USMR is the largest and most successful in this area. Also, the typical upfront fee from the representative is from $395 or a percentage of the loan amount.

Thanks for your input!

Re: USMR (US Mortgage Reduction Service) - Posted by Rachel

Posted by Rachel on December 25, 1998 at 17:33:35:

I signed up with USMR with the intention of marketing the service to get that up front fee for extra income, second to get in to the homes of people to find out if they have motivation to move so I could get the listing or purchase myself. Also to is if they have a second home or any vacant land that I could list or buy. and third to get a refferal fee from a new mortgage. Though I never have used my service I purchased from USMR it is a good idea for extra income because some people out there do not have a clue about mortgages or real estate. So I just figured that the up front fee is my profit for educating these people. But for any one who knows, this is a waste because you can do this your self by paying extra every month or when ever, but just acknowledging to the lender that the extra amout goes directly towards principal.