Type of License - Posted by Elizabeth

Posted by Jon Richards on December 08, 2000 at 13:56:59:

Elizabeth, The laws differ in each state, so you need to do some research. Most institutional note buyers will buy from you even if you don’t have a license. Typical of a new industry the law is not clear about licensing. For a more extended discussion by Attorney John Beck, who says you don’t need a license visit: http://www.noteworthyusa.com/beck.html.

This issue usually is that the state agencies want to protect the private party consumer, not big note buying companies. To protect yourself never sell a note to a private party (even your mother!) and your chances of running afoul of the law are greatly reduced. When you are licensed, you can begin to develop a pool of private investors.

The good news is that the institutional note buyers will probably give you a better price than a private party, including your mother, anyway. Request broker packages from some of the institutions to learn their policies. They are listed on our site, under “other sites” at www.noteworthyusa.com

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Type of License - Posted by Elizabeth

Posted by Elizabeth on December 08, 2000 at 09:02:00:


I’ve been reading a lot of articles and questions on this website and others about licensing vs not licensing to buy and sell notes. Are there different types of licenses under which you can operate? I know real estate brokers license is one, and I’ve also read that you can obtain a license as a mortgage lender, but this license seems to limit activities to making new federally insured loans, not buying and selling notes. Would you please tell me what type of license you operate under, and maybe what type of license some of your associates operate under. This information would point me in the direction of additional research. Thank you.