Tyler Hicks Anyone? - Posted by Jim IL.

Posted by Ed on December 19, 1998 at 03:41:21:

I also was just handed this book and like you…read it before I found this sight.

Of all the info I have gotten from this sight …it all depends on whether you are looking for rentals or property to resale.

do you want to deal with the hassles that can sometimes come with tenants?Late night calls for plumbing probs…water damage…etc.

It can be nice and at the same time I have learned that it can be a time consumer.

…and yes, Hicks seems to be a bit fascinated with himself!!!

Tyler Hicks Anyone? - Posted by Jim IL.

Posted by Jim IL. on December 19, 1998 at 01:53:10:

Has anyone here read or had any experience with Tyler G. Hicks material. I know there are better books and courses offered here on this site. But, recently a friend GAVE me a copy of “How to make $1,000,000 in Real Estate in 3 Years” by Tyler G. Hicks. Frankly I read it, and came out with a good idea of his other programs offerd, and a head full of his self promotion. But I didn’t follow much else.
Are his ideas sound, and does he contribute very well to a new investor?
Any input would be appreciated.
I read this book before I found this site, but am thinking of re-reading it now that (thanks to you folks) I have a better understanding of the REI biz. Perhaps now I’ll understand him better. I’ll just skip every other paragraph of “stories, and ads”.
What do you experienced people think of his stuff?
One other note, and question,
Are REO’s a good source for the NEW REI to do quick flips and deal finding for long term keepers?
I recently had my wife come to me and say, "Jim, I work in collections at the bank, and I just met the person in charge of REO’s, what is that, and can we use info from her?"
After I stopped grinning, I thought, "gee, is this a source of deals falling in my lap?"
What do you people think? Your ideas and opinions mean a great deal to me, because without you, I would not have gotten my last property.
thanks in advance for any reply,

P.S. Have a Merry Christmas Õ¿Õ!

Re: Tyler Hicks Anyone? - Posted by William

Posted by William on December 21, 1998 at 03:53:57:

I just bought that same book a few weeks ago. And like your friend I am ready to give it away. Don’t waste time reading that book again. The only thing you’ll realize is that it’s junk.Repeating the same thing over and over again with little detail. The amount of spacing in that book should be a sign. Also Tyler Hicks advertises not only real estate but alot of “buy my plan and I’ll make you a millionare” junk in business mags.

I found sufficient info at the library and by talking to people in the business. Just ask them flat out! They’ll be happy to tell you EVERYTHING! even stuff you don’t want to hear. But when there finished you’ll have all the info needed to start right away and if you’re polite enough they may send introduce you to someone who can take care of you. I learned this the hardway. Save your money. You’ll need it later.

Hicks is a waste of your valuable time - Posted by HR

Posted by HR on December 19, 1998 at 19:59:16:

Hicks’ stuff is junk. Even if you get it for free, it’s not worth your valuable time. Splurge for some of the courses here that interest you. Go to your local bookstore and check out the “homes” section. You will be amazed at the number of re investing books available, if you are not already aware of them. Also check out what your library has available. Because of changed tax laws, though, some more recent investing books may contain better strategies for current times. There are a lot of good re investing books out there; Hicks is definitely not one of them.

This is a business. You are going to have to invest $ if you are serious about the business. As a wise old monk once taught me: “Don’t read the good stuff; you don’t have enough time. Read only the great stuff!”

Best of luck to you!


In reference to the REO’s… - Posted by Cesar

Posted by Cesar on December 19, 1998 at 13:21:31:

If you are not interested in doing anything with those lists, I would be more than glad to take them off your hands :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, this is a great way to get some of your deals. Get the list IMMEDIATELY and start making phone calls TODAY!! I am sure at least 1 to 2 out of 10 of those properties will be a good deal for you. Just be careful with all the conditions that the bank may want to impose, and negotiate with knowledge of the properties. Do Your Homework!!!

Good Luck.