Two questions from a rookie looking at Properties - Posted by matt T.

Posted by KEHL,MD on November 12, 1999 at 14:22:56:


What I have done in the past has been to be honest upfront with owner(s) letting them know I’m a private real estate investor that buys and rents properties and that I generally love to buy properties when I have renters lined up. I’ve had one owner/seller that won’t go for it, so I just let him be but generally they’ve allowed me to show the property.

I also sometimes work with a realtor with whom I established a good relationship when I first started investing. What I do is I’ll ask him to meet me there at the property to have it open so I can show it.
The only down side I’ve experienced - you have to work on the realtor’s time when scheduling with prospective tenants.

BROKER: I’ve done some work with these brokers below and I was impressed.

410-480-4380 TEL
410-480-4384 FAX

1-888-863-8655 TEL
410-349-8985 FAX
DONNA ABEL : contact (The best broker I know)

Hope this information is helpful.

Two questions from a rookie looking at Properties - Posted by matt T.

Posted by matt T. on November 11, 1999 at 12:40:56:

Alright everyone,

I own the cs course, and have just two questions. I’m considering trying to purchase a few Properties close to where I live. My questions are:

  1. How do those of you who have purchased props to either l/o or buy to rent, convince the current seller to allow you to walk prospective renters through thier prop. BEFORE you close???

  2. I’m having trouble finding Mortgage Brokers in the Fredericksburg, VA area…anyone know any locally or nationally?

Thanks for the help in advance!