two deals, good or bad? - Posted by James

Posted by Anne_ND on August 16, 2003 at 11:39:40:


They both sound like bad deals to me. Way too much money- remember you’re buying wholesale not retail.

With respect to the market- is there a glut of housing or are students desperate for housing? I have MHs in both types of college markets. In one they sell pretty fast, in the other I’m having trouble giving it away.

good luck,

Anne (only doing this since January)

two deals, good or bad? - Posted by James

Posted by James on August 15, 2003 at 23:01:43:

I have two trailors that I was looking at for a first deal. One is a '68 12x65. Its old, but seems to be in good shape except for the siding. He only wants $2,500 for it. Is it too old to be a good deal

The second is a 70’s model. just got new carpet and some remodeling. has no trim, but seems to be in good shape. He is looking for $6,900 but seems rather flexible, and just wants out. Is $6,900 too much for it to be profitable.

Both of these are about 5 miles from a 20k college campus.

Does either one sound like a good deal? I appreciate any responses.