Transfer of property - Posted by cubmaster

Posted by Jack Compton on November 15, 2000 at 20:05:15:

Friend, since you hold power of attorney, all that’s really necessary is to transfer ownership via your signature as P.O.A. in leiu of your mother’s. I presume no mortgages are on the property, or judgments. Any good title company could help you perform the transaction (transferring legal ownership via a Warranty Deed). Or, you could go and purchase a kit from:
Then record the deed for public record. —Jack

Transfer of property - Posted by cubmaster

Posted by cubmaster on November 15, 2000 at 19:35:51:

Approximately 1 year ago, my mother became forgetful. She asked me to secure Power of Attorney and take over her financial matters for her, which I did.

She has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The family realizes that at some point in the future, she will probably have to be placed in a nursing home.

She currently owns a home which we have just placed on the market for sale, as we just bought her a mobile home & placed it on my property (the mobile home is titled in my name).

I have been told that nursing home patients who own property must sign that property over to the state, or Medicare won’t pay for their care. My question is, should we go ahead and transfer the deed to the old home to my name? If so, will I have to hire a lawyer to do this, or can I secure sample forms on-line and fill it out and record it myself, and what type form is needed? My mother’s funds are very limited; therefore, I would prefer to do the work myself.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.