TJ - What the hey? - Posted by Terry

Posted by JT - IN on May 12, 2001 at 17:18:04:

to you already! I was looking back over the recent posts, and came accross your post on 5/10 @ 11:18, entitled, Here’s my FICO score. Thsi post was replied to by HR, on 5/10 @ 20:07, entitled, From here.

Now, if you haven’t by now, printed out the post that HR made on 5/10, DO IT NOW! he essentially gave you a blueprint of how to proceed. Instead of taking the time to attempt to antagonize (sp) TJ in your original post here, go to work on fixing, and CHANGING some of the circumstances that you now face.

You indicated that you were 30K in debt, who cares. Take an inventory of what assets and resources you have. Now I feel that I must explain about assets and resources; (these are the good things that you have), like two arms, two legs, stunning personality (OK so I’m stretching here), ability to communicate, computer skills, $ 37.00 in the bank; whatever it is, but nothing negative goes on this list, unless you think the negative item is a resource. Figure out how you are going to use these resources to the best of yu ability, using NO excuses.

Now, idisect the post that HR made on 5/10, and use that as your bible to approach these situations. Read it daily, memorize the motivating parts of this and most of all; GOYA! GOYA, if you are not familiar with this technical RE term, will make you more $$$$$ than understanding leverage, compounding of interest and creative financing, all together. GOYA, stands for, now lean into your computer real close, cause I don’t want you to miss this one; GET OFF YOUR A$$.

Now when you have mastered these items: reviewing HR bible for you, daily, going out and finding specific RE deals, post the specfic questions on the board and someone will help you solve the equation. Now go get to it!


TJ - What the hey? - Posted by Terry

Posted by Terry on May 12, 2001 at 11:45:09:

Oh, so you think I’m a deadbeat, huh? My “stereo” is one of those junky imports which I bought for $50 about 15 years ago. (While it was much cheaper than other stereos, it was actually one of my more ‘extravagant’ purchases.’ My TV I got at a garage sale for $25, and my VCR I got for $15.) The turntable doesn’t work anymore. I don’t even have a CD collection. I do have some vinyl (records) which I picked up at garage sales long ago for 25-50 cents a pop. (Guess how much I’ll get by selling them.) I drive an 11-year-old car which I bought five years ago with a four-year loan. I went in the tank when the car started soaking up money before it was paid off. Couldn’t sell the car because I was upside down on it. When you have to choose between making your credit card payment and fixing your car, which do YOU choose? Oh, I know, you have the luxury of not ever having to worry about such a decision, because you worked so hard, etc. I made $13K last year in a lousy menial dead-end job (with no vacation, no fringes, etc). I’d like to see you do my job and see how long you can take it. Except for the rehabbers here, I probably work harder than most of you. I had a second job (telemarketing) which was stressful and I quit when it started seriously affecting my health (I’m not a spring chicken like some). I’m doing some online buying and selling to make a buck but by your standards it’s just chump change. OK, wise one…on my $13K, how about YOU tell me how I should pay up, or tell me how I’m going to get the income with which to pay up?

Terry, Terry, Terry - Posted by Tim Jensen

Posted by Tim Jensen on May 12, 2001 at 18:31:50:


I do not normally respond to these types of posts, but I will make an exception for you. First let me get the negative stuff over first

You know what? There is only one person you can blame for your situation and that is YOU! You made decision in the past that brought you to where you are today. So, instead of crying like some little kid who skinned their knee on the playground, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You live in the greatest country in the world. If you can’t make it here, where you going to make it?

Now, the positive part. It is never too late to change the path you are on. You need to figure out how to get your income up and lower expenses, heck it may not even be real estate. Why not do some parttime stuff? Paint houses, clean houses, or get a parttime job at a gas station. Then take that money and either pay off your debt or bank it. Next, DUMP THE CREDIT CARDS. At this point, they are of little good to you. I know that you have many reasons why you may need them, but the truth is that you really don’t NEED them. Also, if you make only 13k why do you even own a puter? Also, go to K-Mart and get it is free internet service. You need to cut expenses and raise income and invest the difference. Next, go to the local ibrary and get a book on money management and maybe and audio cassette or book on money and motivation. It costs nothing.

I hope you see my point, you need to change what you do or you will keep getting the same results.

Good Luck,

Tim Jensen

What the HELL does this have to do with… - Posted by JT - IN

Posted by JT - IN on May 12, 2001 at 11:58:51:

Real Estate? It sounds like you need to post this message on Jerry Springer’s or Jenny Jone’s web site. We are about solving problems here, not complaining about them, and crying in our beer.
You could solve all those problems, if you cleared your mingd of the negativitly and went out and did a few real estate deals, using knwoledge that you could gain right here on this board… but it does’t sound like you are headed that way.


TJ says I shouldn’t do RE until I Pay Up - Posted by Terry

Posted by Terry on May 12, 2001 at 12:27:52:

I’m looking for the best path to success in real estate. I’m looking for enough income to get out of debt. I believe these two goals are mutually compatible. TJ seems to think I shouldn’t get incolved in real estate until I pay up - that my two goals are NOT mutually compatible.

So this has something to do with real estate. Who’s right?

Re: TJ says I shouldn’t do RE until I Pay Up - Posted by JT - IN

Posted by JT - IN on May 12, 2001 at 14:17:09:

Who cares about the stereo, TV, VCR, vinyl records, garage sale or the 11 year old car?

Assuming you are serious, and I wonder here if you are pulling my leg or not, then get busy on some creative RE deals that will, if done properly, create more income than enough to pay up whatever you owe. But first, you must block out all this “crap” about the 13K job, and stop thinking about the wrong things. No, it is not easy with the pressures of everyday life, to focue on the end result, but if you are going to make it in REI, you must stop re-running the tape of “whoa is me”, and get on with productivity and results based activities; and nothing else!

Your original post only contained one RE term in the entire message, “rehabber”. That is why I couldn’t believe this was for real. I’m still not sure???

Now, you mentioned “working harder”, (than most other than rehabbers), why not concentrate on “working smarter”? It pays a heck of a lot better than 13K per year, try 13K per month, or even 13K per week!

One thing about this game of RE investing, you get to write your own paycheck. Some folks just don’t happen to think that they are worth very much, so they underpay themselves. You will have to decide how much you are going to be worth this next year. When you do, get back to me…

Just the way that I view things…


Trying to focus on RE - Posted by Terry

Posted by Terry on May 12, 2001 at 15:04:03:

Well, I’m trying to learn how to do creative RE deals, that’s why I’m here. TJ pushed one of my Hot buttons when he suggested I should forget about RE until I pay my debts. I think we both know I’m not going to get out of the hole on my $13K job - what was TJ thinking when he wrote that message? So yes, I want to do RE because my J.O.B. certainly isn’t making it for me.

OK, I was wrong for biting on his bait. But he’s telling me to forget about doing RE deals and nobody else called him on it. And if I’m a little jumpy, well, it’s really, really hard when you’re in a huge hole and you worry about money all the time.

Re: Trying to focus on RE - Posted by Kim

Posted by Kim on May 14, 2001 at 10:06:37:

I’ve been noticing your posts over the past few weeks and you’re making me looney!!! I have some observations:

  1. You’re looking for pity. Note to Terry: None of us have time to listen to you’re continual banter about your rough life. Why don’t you ask questions about RE instead of trying to tell us why you can’t move forward. Your detailed summaries of your life aren’t necessary - and it’s pathetic.

  2. You don’t take accountability for your actions. Note to Terry: stop sitting on the internet complaining about life and get out and change your life! You keep harping about not having enough income to fix your problems. If you’d put the energy into a 2nd job that you put into complaining – you’d make millions!!!

  3. You’re not open to criticism. Note to Terry: if you don’t like what TJ had to say then let that be a lesson. If you don’t want opinions – don’t ask. There, that’s the lesson. By the way TJ had a very good point — you could be digging yourself into a deeper hole if you fail. Yes failure, sadly, is an option. He was simply saying that perhaps you should focus on your current issues and get your life in order first.

  4. You aren’t really on this site to LEARN for yourself you’re on this site hoping for some miracle. Note to Terry: stop making strange posts about the details of your life and start listening to the knowledge that’s being handed to you. The only miracle that you will find here is the miracle of determination. If you’re determined it will happen – if you sit around a cry it won’t happen. Ever. My husband and I had a conversation on April 29th that rehabbing houses would be a way for us to make some extra money – that was two weeks ago. We decided that it was time to get serious and alter our lives. I got on this site the next day (2 weeks ago) for the first time and I read and read and read and read and then I bought a couple books and learned some more and then I made my phone calls and we found a house and we’ve written our first offer just 3 days ago. We’ve done this in 2 WEEKS – why??? I’ll tell you why - because we want to create a FABULOUS life for our family. Lesson – Don’t look back, Look forward. I’m making a vision of my future and I’m MAKING IT HAPPEN!!! I’m not sitting at my computer pitying myself – I’m figuring our how to improve my life. And I can GUARANTEE you I have a great fabulous life now and it’s going to just get better! Yes – I’m in a much better situation financially than you. But it’s not all about your net worth (or negative net worth). Here’s my last lesson – Change your attitude and it will change your life. THAT"S A GOOD LESSON – POST THAT ON YOUR $25 TV AND THINK ABOUT ITS MEANING!!!

Yes - it sounds like you have many many many “issues”. Take them ONE BY ONE and FIX THEM. First and foremost – make more money. You said you make 13k. $6.25 an hour is 13k a year. Here’s your solution – Either find a job that pays more, find a job that needs you to work overtime, find a second job to supplement this first job or just give up. Those are your options – so GET OFF YOUR ASS and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! And PLEASE don’t give us another pity story. I hope the next post we have to read from you will be a post thanking everyone for their time and ideas and I hope you’ll be telling us you’re moving forward.