Title Transfer Question - Posted by Tom

Posted by Tom on April 24, 2001 at 11:29:08:

Hi all, I had a question about transfer of title on a mobile home. I’ve not bought a mobile before, but I’m looking into one for my daughter while she goes to college ( out of state ). IF, there is a DOS, I’d like to buy the property in a Trust. Is there any problem with just transfering title like a SFH. I realize mobiles are personal not realty, so I need some help. The park manager wouldn’t let them sell to someone else on a CFD, because title wouldn’t transfer right away, I would assume. Seller was concerned about me buying subject to his financing. He thought the park mgr. wouldn’t approve of this. I suggested that it wasn’t any of the mgr’s business how the financing was done, just whether or not title transfered. Park rules state no leasing, so it would have to be bought. Thanks for any input you might have, Tom