The usual - Does this program work ........ - Posted by Ed

Posted by Darla on November 26, 1998 at 19:44:15:

Bravo to everyone in the discussion of CS does this program work. I really liked all of the responses. You are so inspiring! I am working really hard to make the program work for me. I have always known that it works to get and ecucation but then you have to work hard and apply your knowledge. I have to go study now but I wanted to thank all of you and wish lots of success to all of you. darla

The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by Ed

Posted by Ed on November 14, 1998 at 24:06:37:

The question asked by people that have been scammed one too
many times is " does this program work?"
It is immediately answered by the true believers as "no it
does not work - YOU work "
This is an obvious non answer.
My question is " Are there a LARGE number of people on this
board doing this as their SOLE means of income and are they
making at least 100K net walkaway money year in and year out? Or is this just another pie in the sky, lets talk about big bucks someday in the future , MLM , etc proposition? "
Please do not get upset. I am not nor do I intend to flame
on anyone. I would just like to see some concrete examples
of what this can do. I am truly interested in this but just
like a lot of propositions out there you have to dig an
awful lot to find the pony.

Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on November 24, 1998 at 23:33:02:

You may not like my answer for a couple of reasons.

  1. I am a firm believer of learning and acquiring knowledge. Yes, it can be unreasonably high depending on the source.

  2. I am a firm believer that you have to APPLY what you have learned. It is up to you to get creative.

  3. It is a large world out there full of opportunities.

Having made those points, getting the “proof” may still not be enough for you unless YOU are motivated and actually do the work.

While I am speaking from experience, it is not real estate experience. I’ve been through what I considered 3 career changes. Each time, people always questioned the validity of my moving or changing things to “improve myself”. Well, each of those times, I managed to succeed in my endeavors despite any setbacks may have occurred. Attitude and willingness to try goes a long way.

Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by Tim Conde

Posted by Tim Conde on November 15, 1998 at 24:48:26:

I’d be happy to answer your questions if you can explain to me what my success has to do with you. Does the fact that I have many, many properties mean that you can do it? Does the fact that I am in real estate investing full-time guarantee you can be, too? In this business, you don’t punch a clock, or answer to a boss. You are in charge of your future and how much you make, not someone else. If you want to make more money, you go and ferret out more deals. When I wanted to make more money, I went out of state for more deals. If I’d been happy, I could have sat back and cruised for awhile. It’s was up to me.

The person who says he makes $100K a year has chosen that as his income. If he wanted to make more money, he could, nothing stops him, except his own ambitions, or lack of them.

When I was still in the 8 to 5 working world, a friend told me that, for most people, there was a HUGE difference between making money and making a living. He was SOOOO right. $100K is a figure in your mind that is the dividing line between the have’s and the have-nots; the successes and the failures. If you want to make $100K in real estate investing, I can guarantee you that it is possible. Lots of people do it, and unless they change the rules, other people can do it, too.

I wrote a little text file that details some of what I did to get to where I am, and a little of what I learned along the way. If you’d like a copy, let me know.


Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by answerman

Posted by answerman on November 14, 1998 at 23:12:32:

As usual, sounds like someone is asking “if I pay my $200, can I be guaranteed a life of fabulous riches?” And as usual, the answer is “How hard are you willing to work” Does Hollywood “work”? Yes, if you’re willing to bust your butt. Does the stock market “work”? Yes, if you’re willing to do your homework and work hard enough to make it into the top 10% who do well. Do any of these courses work? Not if you’re expecting to read a book and have Mr. I-Want-To-Sell-You-An-Income-Property come knocking on your door.
These courses offer a feasible plan of action that will deliver to you rewards commensurate with the efforts you put forth. I know that’s not what you want to hear - you want to hear “Yes, buy the course and you’ll be rich” - but that’s not how the world works. If it was, everyone would drop the few hundred bucks and be a millionaire. But, as anyone with even a smidgen of perception can see, very few people are millionaires. Why? Because very few people are willing to apply what they learn in a course to their lives.

Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on November 14, 1998 at 13:29:54:

This business like any other business takes time, effort, and some money. I’ve heard it said before that to be successful it usually takes twice as much time, twice as much money, and twice as much effort as you originally thought it would, and that is why most people fail. They only give half the time, half the effort, and half the money. And don’t get me wrong, becuase there are no money down deals out there that people do all the time. But more than likely you will have to spend some of your own money to be a true success (especially spending it on educating yourself).

Also, drive around your neighborhood in a 1 or 2 mile radius from your home. Look at how many non-owner occupied properties are out there. Look at all the businesses, the apartment complexes, the office buildings, the houses being built or rehabbed, the new subdivisions. Do you think all these would be around if people were just making only a small amount of money. There are people making big bucks in RE.

Not to brag (I consider my accomplishments very average compared to most on this newsgroup), but simply as an example. I started investing in RE when I was 25 . Now I am 29, a licensed RE broker, with 7 rental units under my control. I continue to educate myself because I want to do RE full time.

Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by PBoone

Posted by PBoone on November 14, 1998 at 11:07:25:

It really depends on your objective. What do you want? You can purchase a couple of SFR’s and let someone else pay for them (tenants) in 30 years you have a couple of houses paid for by someone else. kinda like money in the bank waiting to be collected or placed into a trust for generations to come also some extra income to help in the meantime.
The process of investing takes some time and effort please do not expect to get rich overnight it doesn’t happen.
If you have an inclination to pursue the business by all means do so. move slowly educate yourself and have fun.

Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by Tony Ross

Posted by Tony Ross on November 14, 1998 at 22:58:21:

If you are looking to get rich quick then buy a lottery ticket. This won’t do it, nor will anything else. It is a safe, secure plan for investing however. In six weeks I have bought a house, put a tenant in it, created a small positive monthly cash flow, and improved my net worth by $6,000, all with no money! In ten years my mortgage will be paid way down and the house will have appreciated in value, all while a tenant is paying for everything and I enjoy the tax break for allowing him to do it. The system works for what it is, a plan. If your plan is to find something to cash in big overnight without much work or risk, you don’t have a plan. You have a dream.

Re: The usual - Does this program work … - Posted by Harry W. Richards

Posted by Harry W. Richards on November 19, 1998 at 19:33:42:

Tony, your answer was the best of this thread; I too wanted to know, quite frankly, whether the course is for real or if it’s a scam. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, $200 is a lot of money. I know full well that hard work has a reward, even if it’s nothing more than personal satisfaction; as far as a course such as CS is concerned, however, I would expect at least a decent financial reward for my effort.