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Posted by Steve-WA on June 25, 2008 at 16:57:07:

Too late for non-advice like that.

kat, I would recommend the VQ as a vapor barrier - her where I live, it’s required as part of setup - perhaps not where you live.

Spraying for bugs is overkill IMO.

The story so far… - Posted by kat

Posted by kat on June 24, 2008 at 06:42:00:

Hi Guys, let me start out by expressing heartfelt gratitude to everyone on this board who is so helpful and giving and downright fascinating. Your advice is invaluable to me and I talk about Lonnies book and the Website to everyone who will listen. In fact, I think I have a few potential partners for my first Lonny Deal in a few old friends who are getting as enthused as I am to try the formula in the book.
Knowing nothing about MHs tho I thought I would first try installing one on my own land and learn the business from the “ground up”.
I finished surveying and subdividing the 3 acres into 4 -3/4 acre tracts. 4 is the max homes I can put in Buncombe Co on this land.
The old 1969 MH will have to go eventually, but in the meantime I had the middle lot cleared and requested for a a 2 bedroom septic tank to be installed by my excavator. The county came out within 2 days , approved it , and I had the paperwork emailed to my septic man. Went to the water dept and found out a meter is about $1500 so I asked if I could put it on the same line as the old home and they said OK. After I gave the county the names of my HVAC person, Electrician, Mover, and Septic Man they approved my building permit on the spot. So far so good , Right?
I had left a deposit over 3 months ago on a charming 1992 2 bedroom 60ft long singlewide in Saluda. Empty, and the owner was anxious to sell as she had moved to Charlotte. $5000. What a deal …but wait
Meanwhile 6 weeks had gone by since I heard from my mover. I only called one cause with gas prices I decided against shopping the move and thought I would just be loyal and stick with this one guy. Now its a week before the move and he still has not gone to see the home to be moved. He gave me a price of 2400 cause I sent pics and the home is all bricked in , no tongue, 2 huge covered decks,( which he said would be no problem) ,and in a tight spot as is the destination lot.
Thats when I consulted you guys who told me to move on and find a new mover as by now I should have had an estimate in writing etc etc. A Creia member from our local group here have me a new movers name and this fellow promised to go right out the next day . I ran down to Saluda to check the deck sizes as the lot line has to be 10 feet away in the back including decks, and I am under tight time constraints as I am renting to a particular section 8 person who has to be in the place by July. As I pull up to the trailer on top of the hill off the gravel road, I see bikes and lawn mowers in the yard and the ladies husband reading on the deck. Panic! But the lady says she is still selling as she wants to immediately put in a modular log cabin on this beautiful spot. But by the way we found a real bad leak when we turned the water back on and there is not telling how long it was there and then I noticed they were using room ACs . She said the heat pump had not worked for a number of years. OK . I can deal with this.
The next day my new mover went out to the house and called me to say that with all that brick, the tight spot, tongue, etc. the move would be $3400. And the leak looks bad. Lots of wet underneath.
Next day the lady called to say she could not sell after all . She needs to stay in the home and get a divorce.
But the Lord works in strange ways His wonders to behold…the mover has a 2002 Giles tiny singlewide ( I want tiny) 50 X 14. Simple and cute for 10,000 . Great condition, looks like new even underneath. I know I should haggle but Im just not into it at the moment. And I am a veteran haggler. He will move it for 1800. And he came out to help my excavator get the trailer site just right. Hes a pro! Septic and site will be finished today and the move will be Friday. I am very happy.
The End (of this project so I can get on with the next one which I hope will be a doublewide )

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Posted by kat on July 07, 2008 at 09:19:28:

UPDATE: The mover recommended by a fellow CREIA member turned out to be great. Did exactly what he said, when he said, for the amount he said, and was a pleasure to work with as were all his workers. The septic/driveway/excavation person ,not so much. The work that company did was excellent. But the septic estimate of 2800 ( after I added a tiny circular drive way and the house pad itself with proper drainage) somehow wound up being 7500. There was a lot of brush clearing and hauling to the dump , but I thought that was part of the septic installation. We finally agreed to 6000. But I sure should have gotten everything in writing. I had used this company before and they were very reasonable so I was shocked . I remember reading a post from Dr Craig Whisler in these rooms and he said excavating the site could be real costly . But did I listen? Anyway , I have to find out everything for myself and I am convinced now that Lonnie deals are the way to go. This is not for the faint of heart. I did this for my extended family , but will think twice before the next ground up installation. I wanted to learn , and I have learned a lot. Didn’t Joni Mitchell say “Life is for learnin” I think Anne and Lyn here said that too, in different words. I can’t say enough about my mover, though. He was will to excavate the site for me too. But noooo . I thought since the other company already had the backhoe there it would be cheaper. I wish no I had taken him up on his offer to do it for 800 (all the brush and small tree work was already done , it would have been a matter of moving dirt around with his backhoe)
Progress Energy has agreed to install underground electric and that will take about another 3 weeks. After that my plumber will have to try and find the existing water line which runs up the center of the long driveway (we hope) if Progress hasn’t already found it with their trencher and broken it. My next hurdle. Then at last the County can come and hopefully approve my shenanighans. I will keep you posted. Thank you again, to everyone who has been so helpful.

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Posted by Lin (NC) on June 25, 2008 at 06:36:17:

Sounds like you’ve learn a great deal already. I am glad you were able to find another home so quickly. Good luck with everything!


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Posted by kat on June 24, 2008 at 08:56:05:

The singlewide will be going in tomorrow. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I should treat the ground for termites, or lay visqueen down under the home before setting it ? It seems funny to just have bare ground underneath , but maybe that is better for drainage or in case of a leak. Or maybe the ground just needs to breathe for better air circulation. I kind of wish it was on a big concrete slab or gravel like in the parks.

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Posted by Joe on June 24, 2008 at 14:32:16:

Since you have read DOW, what does Lonnie say about moving trailers?