The Old & the New - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on December 28, 2008 at 12:13:30:

Thanks for your nice comment, Sydel. Actually, I wasn’t so much sad in '06, but angry that common sense was a commodity in very short supply. The lack had already been devastating, not only for the taxpayers, but for the hundreds of thousands killed & maimed. We are very tardy to the reality party, & it is going to get even more expensive in every sense of the word.

Hopeful that some things w/get better, yes, but regretful that we can never undo the damage–


The Old & the New - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on December 27, 2008 at 18:02:59:

By accident tonight I discovered an old post of mine from 2006:

Twenty-seven months later I’m still going to stand on my words w/one exception. Now I’m going to say that, rather than too little, now we have too much confidence in those who would govern. I recognize that some of this is born of desperation, though much of it from hope. I, too, would like to be optimistic, but I think no single individual (even w/the benefit of our spoils system providing lots of support) can bring back what we have lost so far this century.

However, on the almost-Eve of '08, here’s where I feel very positive–I think we are on the brink of a new ethic. Where we have previously measured success on this basis of conspicuous consumption, I am hoping we w/now measure ourselves in terms of mutual success. Can we ALL live better together? Can we not just reside in a particular place, but can we joyfully participate together to build our communities into better places? Can we pool our ingenuity to solve our problems so that we better utilize what is now wasted? Can we join together to conserve our resources so that we leave the world as good as we found it–nay, better, much better, for the generations yet to come?. Heck, can we just get by w/out building 5 bathrooms to serve 3 bedrooms? If not, how are we going to bring good water, healthy food, & educational opportunities to the world?

I want the Earth to be a place where neither tenants nor landlords are exploited, where hope & health are universal, where parents can support their children by honest labor, where consumers are empowered by knowledge, & where no one is vulnerable to the arrogance or misdeeds of their leaders. Okay, maybe I ask for too much.

So here’s my best & final offer–I want us all to try every day to make our world better, to live our values in all that we do, & to realize that the more we share, the greater we all prosper


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Posted by Joe on December 30, 2008 at 09:10:24:

I have been reading of late on this board and the MH board of all of the concerns of our economy and government. Some say that the economy is going to collapse and others see a recovery in the summer of 2009 and the rest are some where in between. I see this not just as an economic thing but as a societal change. Or should we just say the waking of the elephant in the room.

What I am going to say may get some riled but the facts are the facts. I am not blaming anyone or trying to make anyone defensive or angry. Just stating facts. I was in a fast food restaurant yesterday and of the 11 people in line 9 were by appearance at least 65 and older. The medium U.S. age is 36. No a senior citizens bus had not just unloaded. It got me to thinking about how many people were “idle” in this country right now. This includes not only seniors but youth, unemployed, disabled physically as well as mentally and those that are just playing at part time jobs.

We are just seeing the start of the baby boom retirees collecting social security. Many were raised in front of the Tv and were sent to college by dear old mom and dad. They took thier first real job at 22 or 23 and then worked until they took early retirement at 55. They are now looking forward to 20 years of golf. Under this scenerio a person living to 85 will have worked 33 years out of 85 and have been covered by social security and medicare for 20 of those. There are many healthy retirees out there that are doing absolutely nothing except running the roads and shopping. Of course the same can be applied to many of the spoiled youth.

The fact is that there are just too many people idle and too few people actually producing. I have always maintained that General Motors is a microcosum of the United States government. Lack of competitivness (staying hungry)and legacy costs have sunk the great benevolent GM. Of course good old uncle Sam is coming to the rescue because we do not want anyone to suffer any discomfort.

I have finally realized at my age that just plain old common sense will never fail you in any situation. Common sense is not fashionable and will be laughed at by others in their drunken stupor of “the new way”. But when the party is over, and the heads are hurting someone will say that they had wished that they had listened. Common sense tells me that we are headed down the path with GM. But who is going to bail out the U.S. Government? China? Is anyone big enough. Pity the poor young person who is just starting to work today with several “entitlees” hungrily eyeing his paycheck. Take a moment to study demographics and our legacy commitments. Politicians will twist the numbers and add feel good measures but the hard numbers tell the real story. Too many sitters and not enough workers.

I know this is a gloomy post but I feel that it is true. If any of you know how we can deal with this elephant in the room please post because I can only see the problem and not the solution.

Re: The Old & the New - Posted by sydel -FL

Posted by sydel -FL on December 27, 2008 at 20:50:51:

Tye - I’m glad you came across your posting of 2006. You sounded sad, and we all had reason to be sad. But in today’s posting, you sound hopeful and I think we have a good shot at our country rising and becoming what it once was, and more. I like your words “So here’s my best & final offer–I want us all to try every day to make our world better, to live our values in all that we do, & to realize that the more we share, the greater we all prosper.” That’s a great offer.