Thank You Stacy & Others - Posted by Marlon

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on December 23, 1998 at 17:29:59:

You’re welcome, Marlon. The Cash Flow Forum is devoted to the note business, and is hosted by John Behle. Click on the “cash flows” icon, and your investigation is started.

I’m pretty sure you can order using the phone or snail mail. Not sure about COD. Go to the ordering page, it should say.

Happy Holidays-

Stacy (AZ)

Thank You Stacy & Others - Posted by Marlon

Posted by Marlon on December 23, 1998 at 15:47:09:

Stacy & Others,

Thank you for the sage advice. Since my financial resources are minimal at best will any of these ideas require a large capital investment?

I am particularly interested in buying/flipping & buying/improving notes.

I am not totally comfortable with using my credit card over the net. So, can any of the authors books be purchased via any of the older conventional methods such as direct billing or C.O.D.?

Again Thank You All,

Re: Thank You Stacy & Others - Posted by John

Posted by John on December 24, 1998 at 22:37:48:


I’ve heard many people say that they are not comfortable using a credit card online. I’m not saying you should or that you are wrong in being cautious. But, I think it should be pointed out that it is far more likely for someone to intercept a voice phone call and obtain a credit card number by listening in, than to decrypt it from a link to a secure server. Don’t get me wrong the encryption is not impervious, but again, why waste time decrypting when you can tap a phone and get it in plain English?

I noticed that you asked specifically about direct billing or C.O.D. which seems to indicate that you may be just as reluctant to give your card number over the phone as you would over the net. There’s a lot to be said for conventional methods.

Again, I’m not disagreeing with you, it’s just that I often have friends or acquaintances of mine say, “I wouldn’t use my card on the net.” To which I reply, “Have you ever bought any thing over the phone?” I usually get in response, “Sure, all the time.”

As E-commerce gets more popular and encryption gets stronger I think this fear will diminish. However, as with everything else discussed here, education is the key. I just couldn’t pass up this chance to make a pitch for technology. The more people that hear and know the truth about any subject the more likely it will be accepted.

Sorry for such a long (off topic) post. Help, I’ve gotten on my soapbox and I can’t get off.


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