Thank you everybody for 2000 (long) - Posted by Jonathan Rexford

Posted by Carlos on December 22, 2000 at 10:01:03:

I thank GOD for this site. Thanks Jonathan… And Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Thank you everybody for 2000 (long) - Posted by Jonathan Rexford

Posted by Jonathan Rexford on December 21, 2000 at 19:08:10:

I have received 4 calls from people around the country from people asking advice of Creative real estate. I consider myself a newbie even though I have been buying and selling for years now. I just found a better way of doing it?lol . The people on this board have such influence in the words of wisdom and advice that they give. I always take the time to answer questions over the phone and on the board if I can. I believe that you can?t give more than you receive so I give more every day because I know that the Harvest will continue to grow. I hope what I write is an inspiration for people starting out or people that are discourage. This is not about me bragging its about what could happen if we open our eyes and listen.

I just thought I would write a few lines of a deal that I doing. I built an 8,000SF metal building 2 years ago for 350K now worth 425K. I made good money on the building. I built it for a business owner. Well I am buying it back and I am getting the business for 290K building included. The bank and the owner let me take over payment with a new corporation that I started. They were afraid the owner of the business was going to file bankruptcy. I bought the building because the owner was going through a few problems. The past few weeks the business has been very good. The former owner was taking a little over 200K in salary the first year I built the building and in prior years. The point of this is that the bank was more motivated than the owner?.lol I am going to keep this one.

This year has been great for my family and I. The place where I have this building I own several commercial lots along with several acres of land. I have 3 interested buyers of the property that have cash it will net me a little over 200K, this year I have built 14 spec homes (six which are still for sale), bought 8 houses that I have sold, originated 23 loans through my mortgage company, bought a restaurant so I can eat out?.lol, and now a Auto business.

The point is you can use the skills that are offered on this site you can make money or you can put them on the shelf and stay broke. I made the determination that I did not have years to learn the skills of creative real estate. I needed it now. I have been building homes for a few years now having growing up in the industry. Last year I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki and he mentioned Systems at the CRE convention last year. Which you need systems to make money. I have learned so much from the contributors from this site and talking to a lot of you over the phone and doing deals.

I would just like to thank the following people for there help! Jeanne, JP&Terry Vaughan MarkNC, Michael Morrongiello, John Behle, , Ed Garcia, Bill Bronchick, Jim Piper and countless others that has made this a GREAT year. I hope all of you have a Happy Holiday and May 2001 be better than 2000 see you at the convention.

Thanks and God Bless
Jonathan Rexford