TEST AD=DEALS :) - Posted by Freddy Wells(OK)

Posted by Freddy Wells(OK) on November 02, 1998 at 23:04:46:

I went to the seminar Lonnie put on in Virginia a few weeks ago and came back with confidence and ambition to do that first deal. Although I had seen a lot of potential deals, I wasn’t acting on them because I didn’t feel comfortable with my market just yet. I decided to test the market by running a test ad and see just what type of demand there was for these “Cheapo” deals. I ran the following.

Will Finance. ‘83 14x70’, 2bedroom,1bath,no banks,easy terms, $8,950

Needless to say, the phone has rang off the wall!!! I have all kinds of prospects in all areas around me. All I have to do now is match them up with the home in the area they are looking for. Talk about a boost in confidence!!!

Tomorrow I should close my first deal and I firmly believe I have already got it sold. Believe me, my yield will be “good enough”.

Thanks for all the help and information that everyone has shared. I hope to return the favor in the future.