Tenant at will that won't vacate - Posted by Shashi Mehra

Posted by John Merchant on June 26, 2003 at 23:25:49:

I’ve been through this mess before, and my advice would be not to close on your purchase until/unless he’s gone. Put the burden squarely on the seller and let her deal with him.

He might tear up the house before getting out, and you should have the seller worry about this.

Tenant at will that won’t vacate - Posted by Shashi Mehra

Posted by Shashi Mehra on June 26, 2003 at 21:40:22:

We are buying a house from a woman who wants to sell her house to us. We have a contract and will have the deed soon. The person who is living in the house is her ex-boyfriend. We have tried to offer him money to leave amicably. He is like a tenant at will but has not paid any rent for a while. How can we get him to vacate if he won’t leave on his own with the money we are offering. Also what is the process for asking him to vacate? Should we ask the seller to give him a notice or should we do that as the new owners? This property is in Texas.



Re: Tenant at will that won’t vacate - Posted by DaveD(WI)

Posted by DaveD(WI) on June 30, 2003 at 14:47:38:

I had a seller once who bought a house for a bum relative to live in and rent out the other side. The bum did what bums do - messed up the house. Smelled real bad (the house). We were set to close and I reminded him he had 72 hours to move, because I was entitled to a vacant house. He said I’ll have to evict. I said wrongo! Called his mom (the owner). She took care of the rest, including renting the yellow truck. We made our closing.