Tenant Abandons Property - Posted by Kent

Posted by John Merchant on August 15, 2003 at 10:14:16:

All your questions could probably be readily answered by yourself, if you find & read the LL/T (landlord/tenant)statutes in your state.

State stats are easily found on most any search engine, and usually indexed so your search isn’t an involved one.

Good luck.

Tenant Abandons Property - Posted by Kent

Posted by Kent on August 15, 2003 at 09:19:30:

The question is: The tenant has not made the current rent payment. Has not responded to written and hand delivered notice. The Landlord does not have a key to the apartment (previous owner didn’t believe in such things :frowning: ) and there is indication the tenant has abandoned the apartment. Specifically all windows are closed (does not have central air) and it is 92 degrees, no activity has been heard in the apartment (tenant can normally be heard swearing like a sailor) and their vehicle has not been seen for the last few weeks. Can the landlord 1) Have the apartment unlocked by a locksmith to establish the presence and or health of the tenant 2) Can the landlord have the lock changed if the tenant has removed their possesions from the apartment 3) What would be considered abandonment of the property by the tenant?